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The Standard Bred is heavier built than the Thoroughbred, but still shows quality and refinement. As a rule, standard breeds are more. Owning a standard race horse can be the most exciting investment you've ever made. Horses used in trotting are. and only one registered.

Standard Harness Racing Accessories

Beata and PCN are two of the most advanced fabrics used in many of our racing equestrian products. PCN is manufactured with a thick basecoat of polyamide and then plated with flexible plastics to produce plastic-coated polyamide or BETA film. They have a leather-like haptic with the easy-care properties of a synthetical medium.

Walsh's innovation enables it to manufacture high-quality racing gear that blends the feel of tradition with the economical and durability of Nylons. In addition, we are supporting those trainer who favour the use of Nylons or leathers. Only the best skins and elasticated nylons are used, which are supposed to help your trapeze racehorses.

Unlike anyone else in the imaginativeness and qualitiy of trapeze racing gear, Walsh is for the market to sell.

A standard racehorse

Harness Horse" The " Harness Horses " original name of the "Standard" was a 2:30-minute stamp under which a racehorses had to walk or walk a distance. Thoroughbred, Morgan and Narragansett Pacer Bloods were mixed to reach the standardbred. Messenger, a gray thoroughbred born in 1788 in England, was the progenitor of the Standardbred.

Today's Standarbred has to fulfill a deadline to be able to drive races.

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Standard Bred is built heavy than the thoroughbred, but still shows good qualities and sophistication. Standard breeds are more muscular and longer than thoroughbreds. You have a calmer temperament that fits a horse whose racing requires more movement and agility. At trotting, standard Breds either Trob or Tempo.

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is a great game that you as a betting or betting supporter or because you were asked by a partner or partner to be part of a racing team. Standard property, no mater in which shape, is simply great to have! Known as the "people's sport", Harness Racing is affordable, accessible and family-friendly.

Most interested parties ask themselves two questions: "How do I start" and "What does it cost?" You will find the answer to these and many other queries here.

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