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The standard bred horse bar

ON HOW TO USE A STANDARD HORSE. Many size adjustment options for hard-to-fit racehorses: Whole blood, Big whole blood, Standard bread, Big standard bread, Quarter horse, Arabian and Mule. It'?s more than just a tackle store. "That horse is wearing a scalper, this horse has a boot, lingual strap.

.. okay, two sets of dishes, open bridles, open bridles, blankets..." The horse cheers laterally and the headrest is broken. The horse retreats and grabs the breast collar. Everything can go wrong in trotting. There'?s a saddle store within easy range, though, on the premises.

Trotting is the easiest and most important thing in trotting. The horse cannot even be driven out of the stable without the right gear, let alone onto the course and into the race. Each and every item of gear adds to the overall trotting experience. To be ready and have this gear, it is necessary to be able to get in touch with a saddle store, especially an easy to reach one.

The tack stores contain all kinds of devices. Sometimes, and especially in this case, not only for race gear. Hunters jumpers, dressage, standard, thoroughbred and other locals businesses for the parts lacking in their kits. Halter, leads, fly sprays, doubles, buckets and even adhesive tapes are among the articles that can be bought in most tacklestores.

In addition to the necessary gear, the tack stores provide great presents for every rider and delicacies for four-legged animals. You can find most of it in the fifth wheel. But in a certain Tack-Shop a lot more is available - nothing you can buy or sell. Rick and Elizabeth (Liz) Schaut don't think the saddle business is about buy and sell.

Your saddle business - Sunshine and Horses - provides the best services. There is a very pleasant and supportive environment in the shops. You will find all your turning points comfortably in their shops on the premises of the Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Center in Delray Beach. "Running our little Mum and Dad Tack stores and servicing hipsters, some thoroughbred customers, hipsters and more all down here in South Florida," Liz notes.

Rick and Liz work together by taking orders in the Pompano Park stable area in the mornings, operating the Sunshine Meadows saddle store until 5pm and returning to Pompano with a semi-trailer every racing day in the evenings. "Hopefully, we will do the riders a great favour.

Actually, I have a few selected stallions driving past the trailers at nights to get their "lucky" kisses before they go to the paddock," Liz said. Liz and Rick are not only active in the work of a winning tack biz, but have also captured the horse kingdom in many areas, from rodeo and competition to trotting and more.

At a young age, Liz Schaut joined the trotting sport scene by connecting with coach and rider Ed Stewart of her sister, who was playing with Stewart Hockey's son. She " went after school at the time of 18 with crib, cowboy cap, 71 Chevy lorry, Styrofoam radiator and many dream come true for working with horse.

" Since then Liz showed, worked in stores for drawing pins, plucked stones, babysitter, broken horse and more. Liz has not only taken part in a broad range of equestrian business, she has also assisted in establishing new organisations, shows and honours. Helping to get the programme up and running, they were able to pair members with Standardbred Jahrlings, which they would later present at the annual sales.

Her Tack Store sponsors the Alberta Groom of the Year. "In 1987, Liz established Highwood Tack. It also had two more tack shops for equestrian interests until 2007. A dedicated member of the trotting world, Liz has set herself the target of helping Standard Breds after her race career is over.

Lis Schaut has been helping to bring literally thousands of Standardbreds into affectionate new homes and carers. She has also sponsored the Standardbred race at contests, processions and shopping centres. It even drove on its Standardbred as a paint protector when the Queen of England came to visit in 1990. Liz was training for the SSG stables in the Harnesses area.

For many years she has also been breeding many standard ponies. Lis got married to Rick Schaut in February 2009. He is a coach, rider and proprietor in the trotting game. He also has a successful horse riding background. In 1962 he became interested in the Chicago horse-race to watch his father's horse-run.

Further high points of the Ricks carreer are the riding and the victory with a horse for Michael Landen of Bonanza Fame. Joe O'Brian Rick trusted three youngsters in the early 80s to coach him. Rick came to Pompano in 1977 with an "average barn of 10 animals" and has been travelling every year since.

From 2002 to 2007, Rick won several Ohio Father Stables, highlighting Mai Tai Guy, a repeatedly invited Pompano Park Champion. Like many riders, Rick Schaut took care of all his ponies and liked them, but he says he particularly loves Mighty Mike, whom he drove for Kelly Walker in the 70s.

"This horse has encouraged Kelly to be more interested in the industry," Rick said. "Rick has been running with his dad Richard all his life. Rick said his Nancy and Trish brothers were a big help in the shed. Look reared his kid Rick, who's now in prosecution.

"Having dedicated my whole lifetime to rigging, I now relish the opportunity to share the chores with my Elizabeth at Sunshine Meadows in the trackshop. "Rick and Liz Schaut are currently practicing three in their Pompano Park shed. It' always been more than a saddle-breaker. Beyond the bar and on the course, Liz and Rick were part of a great trotting game.

Collectively they have established their saddle business and racing harnesses shops and are highly regarded and valued by riders and ladies.

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