Standardbred Horses for Sale

Horse standard for sale

Wallach; Colour: Chestnut; Breed: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse; Age: Standard racehorses by Greg Payne Racing Stables for sale. As a rule, the standard horse is considered robust, robust, loyal, sensitive, prudent, willing and able to do any job desired.

Well-known for their docile personalities and willing temperament. Purchase expressive American Standardbred horses from breeders and individuals.

Standard breeding horses for sale

Location Rocky and MD Rocky in a cute mood, good on trail and in the ring, sound musician. This is a sporty standard thoroughbred with a great exterior. It is bound, is for blacksmith, .... A cute cattle stall called Mr. Smith. A great showpiece. Sell or rent. Beautiful powered horses Armish pull ridden by womens & kids x 6 years also provided with harnesses.....

Shepherd Moonshot with Hershey in cocoa, FL 13hh 4 years..... Looking for healthy, secure and self-confident trailer made Standardbred. Beautiful thoroughbred filly..... 6-year-old filly is riding and driving. ANNAGLE is a 3-year-old standard mixture of horses.

Charlemagne Lodge Standardbred R&R - Horses for sale

Our Madagascar NZ" Alex is an unbelievably cute, well-sleeped, and willing to begin his new ordeal. He withdrew from the course with his sinews lit and well-sleeped. He is a cute and trustful character, a mare who will make an eternal connection with his new extended line.

Awesome with other horses and simple to use. It will be an extraordinary comrade. True Bobby Bobby is a true Bobby who dreams of riding under the saddle, but has trouble adjusting to new surroundings, which doesn't make him good on Trailrides, unless you are a self-assured horseman who wants to tackle his "away from home" problems.

He'?s a cute, good-natured kid. Simple to use. Awesome with other horses. Spells and is willing to begin his riding upbringing. Magnificent with other horses and simple to use. He had two runs under foot, he was jittery, but unbelievably upset. Very trustworthy steed. So shy until he meets you.

Very good conformation, good with other horses and simple to use. Napoleon "Go El Cheapo" Neil is like a big red beary. Prepared to make love. Simple to use and good with other horses. Easily handled and good with other horses. Prepare to take off under horseback. It has good etiquette and is simple to use.

Prepare to take off under horseback. Awesum Teddy NZ Teddy is a kind young man who has nothing better than to please. It was Teddy who was launched by his racing coaches before he joined the CL. He comes from WA, where they like to practice their horses under the horse harness and canter.

This allows him to be at the very front under the seat. But as nice as Teddy is, he will unfortunately not be suitable for a show hamper, as he has some neural damages in his throat. In the ideal case Teddy is suitable for a trailer home, where he can be rode without a bit.

Twotones " Tony "Twotones" A very cute, good-natured kid who lacks self-confidence, but he'll put it all in you as soon as he meets you. Simple to use and good with other horses. Resting and prepared to begin his riding carreer. Smooth-running and good with other horses. Billelee "Linvel Billee" Well relaxed and prepared to begin any event.

She is a very loving filly. Awesome with other horses. S5100147" Billy The beautiful Billie came back to us on July 1, 17 through no one' s own negligence. We will always try to take our horses back or support the resale on your name if they do not work. but she needs to know who's in charge.

Apart from that it' manoeuvrable, ideal for other horses. It has a very slightly beaten leg, but otherwise nice straigth feet and a powerful back. She' ll be fine under the horse. She is a breathtaking filly who will certainly attract attention in the show ring, with her little blend and her beautiful temper.

An unblemished vest, willing to do anything. Becomes a great mares for someone who wants to get along with her because she has so much boundless horsepower. She radiates a strong sense of being there, but she will need someone who knows how to make the most of her abilities.

Awesome with other horses. Ellie is a cute little gal who begins to unwind from race fashion and start enjoying her new home. Easily handled and good with other horses. Honestly "Autographed" Honey is an unbelievably cute, big-legged little one. He will be a beautiful all-rounder with a lot of schooling.

But Ivanka is just a breathtaking little filly. There is a very quiet young woman around her, has the seat on and is not out of phase. It will look very good in the show ring with a nice exterior. Ease of handling, likes to be cumbersome, but can also march around other broodmares. She is a lovingly designed filly, well relaxed and prepared for every kind of competition.

Simple to use and good with other horses. Liszy "Mango Silhouette" Lizzy is an absolute beautiful figure, a very cute little filly. Riding under horseback and very acceptable. Simple to use. She is a beautiful looking filly, sturdy and very well composed and will do very well in the show ring.

He can be a very devoted filly, but he also has his day at the marshes. Fits well with other horses. Extremely simple to use. Relaxed and prepared to begin training.

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