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The thing is, no one is ever gonna be able to learn all about trotting, but everyone is learn. Standard breeds are more muscle and have longer body than full blood. Whole bloods can be a little nervous and hot-blooded by definition because they are cultivated for agile breeding, while standard breeds are more designed for stamina and power.

Even standard breads will not and will not compete in the Kentucky Derby. This is what many confuses what you call the individual who is accompanying the rider during the race. The majority of folks think that "jockey" is a general concept, but in standard race sport these folks are actually referred to as "drivers".

There are also no rides here, except in the case of the forerunner who has to keep the animals in place before the race. The riders are sitting in a road bicycle behind the pommel mount. There are some folks I know who think trotting is horrible because the riders have flogging during the race.

One thing these guys don't know is that the riders don't really whip the horse, they whip the cycling. They are cared for by their groom, trainer and owner; this is a crew of human beings who really take good charge of their well-being and offer them better treatments than I sometimes get them.

I saw a lot of folks in the local press this year expressing their concern about the state of the circuit during the Kentucky Derby. "Can' t be sure to walk in the mud!" Folks would say. Whereas the Derby is a thoroughbred race, the same rules apply here for trotting; it is absolutely certain for a horse to ride on a slut.

Riders may not appreciate the sludge thrown in their faces, but the ponies are doing well. There is also a professional staff to ensure that the horse and the persons concerned are always secure. They also tend not to care about the gender of the horse in the race, which I know I sometimes have a nasty habits of overlook ("I'm getting better, I promise!").

Finally, I listen to many newcomers ( "trotting", as I did four month ago) talking about how they watch the animals walk. You only see speed and trot in trot races; when a standard brew runs, it actually means that it breaks the walk. Being a Harness Race aficionado will help show your buddies that Harness is not as complex as it may seem to an outcast.

History of Race Marketing intern Rose Flood.

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