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Horse [Starstable Database] The following chart shows all available horse races you can buy, except the horse you began with. Unfortunately, SSO often changes the sales points for the horse. Have fun rummaging through and choosing your horse. Starters: Below you can see a complete listing of all beginner stallions ("Jorvik Warmblood").

There are 4 horse kits on the horse markets which are placed on 21 locations. Have a look at this map to find the numbers in the chart. You can use the drop-down menus below to sort the chart by point of sales and/or horse breeds to see only the corresponding articles.

You can use the color boxes to search for a horse with the corresponding color. Additionally, you can click on a heading to sort the colum (press CTRL to choose more than one column).


Take good look at your own little one! By the creators of Star Stable Online - the world's most rapidly expanding horse racing experience for Mac and PCs. - Complete the everyday workout and funny chores to keep your filly fit and young! - Observe how your newly born filly grows into a lovely horse!

  • Keep up to five ponies in your stable! - Observe your horse playing together in the drivers camp! - Add new horse and gameplay often! As soon as your filly is a full-grown horse, you can upload it to Star Stable Online. If you want to get the latest Star Stable information, please come and see us:

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I' m sure everyone wants one now that new ponies are coming onto the market. Here is just a brief tutorial on how to use the new horse function! While you can buy as many extra ponies as you want, you can only have as many ponies in your stable as you have stables.

Extra stands can be bought from John, who is outside the stable. In order to move a horse, click on the type plate outside the stable. They can click on a horse and pull it out to bring it into the storeroom, or they can bring a horse from the storeroom into the stable. Can' save the horse you are currently ridin'.

The stored horse must still be maintained in the same way as in the sheds. If you buy a horse, it can no longer be resold. You can find new ponies in the small barns around Jorvik. Different races are available in different colours at each site. because you won't be able to do anything other than name your new horse.

After the purchase you can go to any of the nearby horse stylers (Steve's Farm, Jorvik Fishing Village, Firgrove, Valedale, Jorvik Stables) and you can modify the look of your horse's hair and tails. Please click on a horse to get information about the race and the start values of the respective race.

Every horse begins at stage one, and each race has its own start values. As soon as you have found a horse you like, click on the horse to buy it and it will be taken home to your stable. As soon as you have bought a horse, the stable in which it was kept is empty.

You will refill the next morning so that it is possible to buy several of the same colour if you wish! Only Star Coins can buy new horse. While you don't have to be a Star Rider to buy a horse, you have to buy Star Coins yourself.

When you are not a Star Rider, you can use the home stable, but you cannot move the home stable and you cannot reach the closet in the home stable. Join the accompanying horse competition and get your own horse! Your new horse will be brought to your stable.

The only thing you have to do in your stable is climbing the one you want to horseback in order to switch them. One horse can only be taken out of the stable at a stretch. If you are in your stable, on feet, your horse will be adjusted for you when you open the character area.

In order to modify your horse's gear, you must be installed on the horse you wish to modify. As soon as you are outside the stable, the horse you have is adjusted for you in the character screen, regardless of whether you have ridden or not. At least once a week all your ponies must be groomed, otherwise they will be unhappy even if you do not use them.

Horse that remain in the stable do not need to be looked after later as long as they are kept in the stable. As soon as you travel with a horse, the grooming symbols are displayed with age. The next times you unsubscribe, you will be stuck with the horse you last ridden, or if you unsubscribe from the stable without selecting a horse, you will be on your horse next year.

Actual horse limit is 15. If you want, you can raise your horse's standard by racing every single race. Once you have the Star Coins, you can attend the Horse Trainers at Fort Pinta and Jorvik Stables and Marley's Farm, New Hillcrest, to upgrade your horse to one higher step with each individual (a max of three steps per day).

Every player has the following prices for each player per player per player (each player has 25 star coins): The lower stages can be advanced more quickly than the higher stages, so it is more economical and time-saving to complete runs up to stage 5 or 6 before using the horse instructor.

You can also have the horse instructor instruct you how to guide your horse when you have reached 10. Cost 135 Star Tokens to use the craft. As soon as you have bought it, you will have it for a lifetime, even if your entrance to the Star Trek runs out. After the purchase, get off your horse and place yourself next to your skull.

Just click on it and you'll begin to guide your horse. Keep in mind that your horse must always wear a snaffle because you need something to guide it! Each horse of the same race has the same values, regardless of colour. These are the statistics, colours and location of all currently available races.

Move your mouse over each picture to see the prize of that horse. Click here for more information about Ferdinand's Horse Market! Danish Warmblood is the product of the crossbreeding of various races and is a well processed sports horse known for its strengths. Morgan was once regarded as the perfect horse for the United States Calvary.

The horse is name after the name of the horse that owned the first known horse in the line, Justin Morgan. Blood lines from Morgan have featured in the evolution of many of America's races, including the Standard, Saddlebred and Tennessee Walking Horse. Moorish ancestry makes the English thoroughbred a great horse for almost every riding sport.

Race has always transformed the motor sports environment by being able to keep high speed over long distance. Warmblood is a sports horse able to achieve a high performance standard. Its development was based on the crossbreeding of Netherlands horse races with English, French and Germans horse races. He is known for his outstanding performance and is considered one of the best horse on the market.

Akhal-Teke is the oldest pure-bred horse in the whole family. The Akhal-Teke is known today as an outstanding sports horse. He is often known as "a rider" who declines to be riddled by someone as his real masters. Morab is a horse with a mixture of Morgan and Arab blood lines.

In many ways it is a great horse and very uncommon. He is a good horse with good feet and powerful feet, but he is also good in show jump and training. Originally conceived as an elegantly designed coach horse, it has since developed into a horse that is often used in numerous contests.

Frisian ponies originate from an old blood line that is believed to have spanned millennia. During the Middle Ages, however, it became beloved as a warhorse, when it was used by heavy armoured warriors. Nowadays the Frisian horse is a favourite and beloved horse with a great character.

The old horse trainer was advertised to be on the horse riding scene, but it is not at the moment. American Paint Horse is said to have come from one of the stallions that the Spaniard discoverer Cortez took with him when he was sailing to North America and that were beloved by the Indian people. Appaloosa is another race that comes from Spaniards who introduced them to North America.

The Nez Perce Indians, who were living on the Palouse River, raised this special race from these stallions, hence the name. Appaloosa is a great horse for the whole horse group, as it can be used in almost every equestrian sport due to its many-sidedness. Jorvik's pony has a characteristic bright attitude, but can be a determined, roguish and persistent little horse.

Long legged, which results in a lower overall altitude and a more distinctive tip than most equestrian sports. Due to their small dimensions and plump construction, they have difficulties keeping up the pace of other feral jumpers. Although the Pony is not really suitable for performance-related competitions, it is still a favourite race among horse lovers who appreciate the pleasure and laughter that comes from having spent so much quality riding this lovely little horse.

There are Jorvik Ponys in many different colours. Please note: Please keep in mind that the pony is not as quick as other horse. The way they got there is a secret, but the doctrine says that today's Chincoteague is derived from a horse riding on a Spaniard horse that sunk off the coast of the isle in the sixteenth centuries.

Crossbreeding with Shetland and Welsh Pony has boosted the race, and popular input and the effort of the fire department have all contributed to making the Chincoteague stronger and vibrant again. Chincoteague still lives ferociously on their islands, but once a year they are collected and a few foals are auctions.

Naturally it didn't take long for the horse enthusiasts of Jorvik to take the lovely Chincoteague to the islands, and this robust, smart and easily trained horse is very popular. Please note: Please keep in mind that the pony is not as quick as other horse. The Andalusians come from the south of Spain and come from the medieval Spain.

Simple to exercise and robust with a cheerful attitude that has made them very loved throughout Jorvik. He is an elegantly built horse with a powerful back and is a great eventer because he is not as difficult as many other warm-blooded horses. Arabian thoroughbred breeding is one of the most renowned races in the whole word.

Arab thoroughbreds are derived from Bedouin horse breeders who thought their horse was a holy present from God. Arab horse are well muscled with small, powerful heels. A relatively young race, these delicate Jorvik dressage stallions have only recently become popular. It was the plan to cross breeding breeds of tobaccoos with Arabs over several centuries that gave birth to the characteristic jacket of tobaccoos, which is not usual for Arabics.

Frisian horse has long been crossed with other races, especially British and Arabic one. In the course of our development a singular race evolved, the Frisian sport horse. They have the long, undulating hair and tails of the Frisians and a quiet and light spirit. That Tinker horse comes from Ireland. It is a strong horse with a quiet temper.

Horse breeds used to be used by hikers to carry barrows and chariots. This horse is kind and easy to train, known for its working spirits and is suitable for most applications. Tinkerpferd is often pink-colored, however, existing in all color. Sizes vary within the race, some may almost be the height of a working horse, while others may be the same.

Nordschwedische Pferd is an old race with rural origins in Scandinavia's Nordic countries, raised for work in forests and farming. Its origins and surroundings have transformed the horse from Sweden into a sturdy, warm horse with a soft, co-operative personality that is ideal for leisure and leisure riding as well as a horse for families.

A few folks believe that it is exactly the opposite and that the Wikings took the Jorvik horse with them to Norway. You believe that the beautiful little fjords come from the high and sparse Jorvik hills, in the mythic valley of the Kallters, a place mentioned in legends but never found.

Fjord dinosaurs are kept in Kallter Lager outside Icengate in the Valley of Hidden Dinosaurs. Each fjord has a Kallter rod, and there is a turboprop that is already built to stage 10. They must achieve the popularity degree among the cold parents in order to be able to buy a fjord horse.

More than 3 million quarterly horse breeds exist in the globe, making them the biggest horse breeds in the globe in terms of breeding populations. The name of this very much -loved US horse comes from the fact that it is unbelievably quick on small distances: there are very few horse that are able to hit a fourth horse in a race of less than a fourth of a second.

Originally the race was brought to North America by 16th century settlers and descendants of English warm-blooded animals. It has been cross-bred with other races, such as the Chickasaw horse, but also with other "classic" races, such as the Arab thoroughbred. Quarter Horse is a quiet and even -tempered horse with a quiet personality that is perfect for amateur, competition and work horse use.

One of the largest horse races in the whole word is the shift horse. Elevated to a level that can exceed five and a half ft or 1.7 metres, they are imposing, but despite their large dimensions they are known for their quiet and welcoming nature. In addition to its large area, the Shire region is also powerful, and it is said that it can easily draw up to five and a half tonnes.

The Shire horse became a favourite battle horse in the medieval times because it could wear a military man in heavier armour. When knight's armour began to vanish, the Shire was increasingly used as a work horse. Those past few years have passed, and the Shire horse is widely known as a show and draught horse.

At the end of the 19th century, the horse was taken to Jorvik by one of the great horse breeder of Iceland, Jokul Tómasson. It has been illegal to bring back Islanders to Iceland after their departure since the tenth century, so Jokul and Brynhildur had to abandon their loved ones if they wanted to go back home.

They never had the choice, so they chose to bring their horse to Jorvik on a wintry, heavy snow fall in late 1389. South Hoof's South Hoof is home to Welsh mountain hippos that have been free on the cliffy South Hoof for centuries.

Welsh Bangs are a small, long-lived and sturdy horse race that can be found in all types of fur samples, with the exception of pintoes and samples in the Leoopard group. Wales couples have a quiet temper, which is valued by grown-ups and kids as well. Welsh bangs are a very satisfactory race to work with and there are very few areas where they are not an excellent horse.

It is said that the Winterwell dynasty was in charge of transporting the Welsh bangs to Jorvik towards the end of the eighteenth cenury. South Hoof and the beaches off New Hillcrest were still linked, but after the huge blast known as "The Great Thunder", the road to South Hoof was demolished and the Winterwell horse farm was segregated.

They were soon forgot and started building their own lives in and around the rugged, chilly South Hoof Peninsula. To buy a Welsh pony, you must have a warm call from the hermit on the Heide. Lipizzaner is regarded as an elegantly horse and is loved for his innate capacity to carry out extreme manoeuvres.

In certain classes and in classic training it is used. Thus, for example, the famed Spanische Hofreitschule in Vienna uses only Lipizzaner. The warm-blooded Hannoverian horse, known for its quiet and friendly character, conquered the heart of the Yorvik people in the middle of the 20th cent. He is a handsome, attractive, athletic and graceful horse known for his riding skills.

Mustang is a horse race, which is raised in the Wildnis America. Its name comes from the name " Mosteñe " in Spain, which means "runaway" or "wild", which is a suitable name for the race that was initially domestized and then became wild. Although it is a species that has been kept in the country for a long time, it is not known what it is. Since there are no express race norms for the Mustang, the look can be very different from horse to horse.

A small, friendly and quiet horse from the Tyrolean mountains in the south of Austria, the horse is a true favourite. This horse was given its name after the town of Hafling and is distinguished by its brown horse trunk and bright mane. At first the Haflinger was a powerful and tolerant workhorse, but the contemporary race is a favourite all-round horse used for most horse sports.

Its quiet and stable temper makes it also an outstanding horse for families. Kids and grown-ups ride her and she is regarded as a very multifaceted breeding horse, which distinguishes itself in show jumpers, horse riders and eventers, but also with the perseverance for distance horse-racing. Although the Connemara is regarded as a Connemara in most parts of the globe, it is quick enough to be able to race the other horse races in Jorvik.

The Spirit is the ferocious horse that likes discovery. He is a frisky horse that likes to measure himself and is really a handy comic. Since Spirit is a ferocious horse that cannot be domesticated, he does not want to carry any kind of gear such as a harness or nut. Spirits would be happy to go on new quests with you, but if you want to go horseback racing, you better conjure up your best equestrian arts, because of course you have to go barefoot on this savage horse!

Achieve Admired Levels with Spirit by finishing the Quest with Him that was first introduced with Tori in Fort Pinta. In order to buy Spirit, you must buy the Miradero apples at Sally's store in Fort Pinta. Jorvik's less easily reachable places are surrounded by flocks of free-range Jorvik wildboars.

Because of the bright colours and pattern on the horse's bodies and coat, this race is considered particularly peculiar. Colours such as blues, reds, greens, purples and oranges are not uncommon, and even the horse's eye can be uncommonly coloured mauve, reds or clear blues. It is assumed that the horse was created in harmony with the Pandorian energetic fluxes, which explains its colour.

A lot of people also believe that a horse has certain magic powers. The Jorvik Wild Horse is usually a bit smaller and thicker than most - similar to fjord horse - but may also have other variation in height at the height at the withers. Jorvik Wild Horse is a very good example of this. The Jorvik Wild Horse is not as quick as other wildsters.

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