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Petersmart will be closing the State Line Tack Store divisions.

When you thought it was a great comfort to be able to go shopping in the evening at a shopping centre for horse supplies and nutritional supplementation, you'll be surprised to learn that Petsmart, the retailing empire, has stopped selling horse food and grooming in almost 200 "box" shops in the USA.

Today, the Zumtobel Group announced the news in a news bulletin; they also said they were looking for alternative strategies for the State Line Tack catalog. It was very open and contained this statement: This differs significantly from our main focus on products andervices for pets. We' ve come to the conclusion that the best thing for our businesses is to leave State Line Tack and focus exclusively on our flagship products and our pets services."

Horse owners' purchasing patterns are intriguing. Searching for a specific horse grooming article or additive, many seem to take advantage of the expertise of knowledgeable locals' pet food and tackle shop where they can also see, feel and odour the article, look at the labels and make comparisons with other similar items.

Petsmart's takeover of State Line Tack and the opening of corridors for horse goods in many of their shops was another option for horse lovers.

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