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TABcom, LLC, is a retailer of horse products and accessories. S-Line Tack Coupons, Sales & Promo Codes.

State-of-the-Art Tack: Silence in May

Once stationed in a vast old stable on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line, State Line Tack was a leader in the equitation trade in the 90s. When the equine industries were booming in the 80s and 90s, State Line was also booming; its high-gloss catalogues were like a bible for riders and were spread throughout the state.

I was a regular client, although I tried very hard to visit local tack-shop. As Petsmart State Line purchased, it was planned that many of the animal chain's businesses would have state line divisions throughout the land where equine produce would be sourced.

State-line tack used to play a big part in the equine industries, one that not many would stop recognizing. You seized opportunities, launched many dietary and healthcare supplement brands and assisted many companies and producers of small and specialty equine care items. Today's messages - that Petsmart State Line has been selling to another catalogue dealer - are probably the end of State Line.

Helping to create the vast retailing equestrian industries we know today, their popularity inspired so many of the mail-order catalogues that now fill our inboxes. to PetsUnited, the private holdings firm for a web-based multi-marketer of animal and horserace product, which includes, and

Completed today, the divestiture comprises the State Line Tack trademark, inventories, customer listings and certain asset items. In February, the enterprise announces its withdrawal from the horse sector. Pets United said it will be moving the state-line sticking on-line and catalogue shop from Brockport, NY, to its Hazelton, Penn. service in the next 60 days.

On-line and catalogue orders as well as dispatch will, however, be continued as before. PetterSmart will now follow the sale of its 396,000 square meter Brockport plant, which comprises a storage area, a call centre and a retailer on approximately 32 hectares of property. The call centre and fulfilment operation for the company's on-line Pet Shop ( will be handed over to an external e-commerce supplier by 1 September and the shop will be closed on 25 August.

Approximately 240 employees of Brockport's DC and call centre will be gradually dismissed over the next six month. Brockport's plant is scheduled to be completely cleared by the end of October. He was PetSmart's sole sales adviser to Lehman Brothers Inc.

PetSmart, Inc. is the world' s biggest reseller of animal lifelong service and value. With over 908 animal shops in the United States and Canada, a rising number of PetsHotel feline and kennel accommodations, the corporation is a premier on-line supplier of animal products and animal welfare information (

The PetSmart company provides a wide variety of affordable pets nutrition and pets convenience items, as well as full pets education, care, boarding, dog camps and pets optioning. PetSmart Charities, Inc.

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