Steel Horse Barns

Horse Stables Steel

Prefabricated steel stables have permanently changed the horse stable market. Stables made of steel stables kits for stables Alan's Factory Outlet Alan's Factory Outlet offers a wide range of steel stables for purchase in our on-line catalogue. Stables made of steel are a good option for the accommodation of your horse, as they are not vulnerable to the long-term problems plaguing them. It can also be used as a hiding place for other livestock or for the storage of agricultural implements outdoors.

They are long-lasting and will last you and your pets for years. We proudly offer a range of customisation possibilities so that you can construct the most suitable one. Wherefore steel horse stables? If you decide on one of our prefabricated horse stables made of steel, you make the best decision for your pets.

Over the years, the classical variant of the old stables made of wood has proved to be a challenge. Wood stables pose too many risks - humidity, rotting, mould, horse tingling and pests are frequent problems with wood stables. In a steel stable, these are not a factor.

Steel stables are reliable for many years because of their longevity. The steel frame is ideal for horse accommodation as it can stand up to the most adverse climatic influences. The steel is refractory and windproof, so you can be sure that your horse or other animal is secure.

If you buy a stable construction set from us, we provide you with many adaptation possibilities from which you can select. Now you can select the precise dimensions, shapes and accessories to make a stable that is complete for you and your cows. We have stables in different dimensions with a selection of one to four stables.

An inlet stable and pediment or roof ventilator can be added for the convenience of your pets. The two storey building has a staircase and a trapping gate for simple entry to the second storey, which is 17ft high. A lot of folks use our steel barns for other things than horse shelter.

It can be used as a hiding place for other livestock such as ewes, geese, goats or swine. This stable kit is large enough to accommodate your pet and their feed and gear in comfort. You can use each stable for a different function according to how you adapt it (e.g. birth, separation of youngsters, feed, etc.).

Clients have also said that our sets are ideal for protecting grass and landscaping tools from the weather. If you need a smaller, more adaptable way of replacing a traditional parking space or shed, our steel barns kit is a good one! If you order one of our steel barns kit, you can be sure that we will do everything to offer you outstanding after sales services.

Our expert staff will guide you through the ordering procedure and help you to build the ideal hayloft for your special needs. It is possible to add a saddle room for those who need space for saddle, bridle and cleaning. You can even customize your rooftop!

The stables are equipped with horse security and are large enough for a horse to relax on. Our stables are proud of their designs because we put the well-being of your horse above everything else.

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