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Synthetic Australian saddle black without horn side. In our Horses & Ponies category you will find saddles for sale in stock. New Australian Stock Saddle for sale. Western or Australian bearing saddles of quality brands like Cashel, Bates or Kincade are available at reasonable prices. Explore New & Used Australian Stock Saddle Co Australian Saddles sold on America's largest horse market.

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06.10.2017Saddles for sale, dressage, AP, jumping, 7 days of probation. To sell also other series saddles - simply ask us. Bates Kimberley CS Stock for sale XL Soddle. Perfect state for new buyers. When you have problems making a seat suitable, this is the solution. 17 inch fully assembled standard seat.

Unfortunate sale. Launched very slow under seat and had a seat (video available). To sell for want of food and tim. Increase stock for sale. The 17 " Synthetic Kincade Stock Sattel of my daughter, which is in new state, is for sale. lt had about six and a half hour use and was bought new.

It' very unfortunate sale, but we have far too many saddles and it just sits in the shed since my girl is no longer interested in horse backwalking now that she has her driving license. Ammo Pro Syntetic mudguard storage seat for sale, includes a second kit of longer mudguards. Dimensions of the saddles on pictures.

Somewhat dustily since the storage, but in good state under the dusts. I' m reselling a 14" lease seat, I' m not sure which make it is because my associate gave it to him. So I have for sale 2 stock saddles..good state just small repair need to undernieth..$200 or next offer...notice for pictures.

Syd Hill Suprema Stockman Cox Poley for sale Syd Hill Poley semitrailer with oscillating mudguards. Perfect state, 17 inches ( in English size ) completely assembled. Such a good stock nut as you can get, this is a classical Australian stock nut. 1x08/19/2008For sale Old-Style Stock Semi-trailer.

Kimberley Bates Saddle

Bates Kimberley saddle is now equipped with Heritage leather, which maintains the tradition of Europe's best practice in tanning with oils and greases. Excellent smoothness and improved driver adhesion thanks to the high level of oils and waxes in this high performing leathers. Cutting-edge technologies ensure that you and your equine partner can enjoy the highest level of ride quality, whether you're tracking, training or working at the wards.

Traditionally in appearance, this seat meets the requirements of today's high end saddles. It' the only treed seat that provides side flexibility to work with your horse's muscle movements, and world-leading power delivery solutions, the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and the CAIR cushion system to maximize your horse's ride and mobility.

You' re going to experience unmatched flexibility for optimum fitting, even load balancing and liquid absorption for maximum comforts. Bates Stock offers saddles: The Bates Kimberley Stock saddle series is designed for all-day luxury and blends engineering styling and innovative features to give you absolute convenience and safety. Two saddles are available:

Please note: The Bates Kimberley is known as the Bates Outback in the USA. Learn more: Focus on the comforts of your horses.

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