Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers

Stuffers for horse lovers

Each rider loves to treat their horses, and when you give a horse as a gift, it is enjoyed twice - once when opened and once when the horse is opened. 10 large stockings for horse lovers Inquire of a horse enthusiast what he wants to find in his Christmas stocking and he will probably say "a horse". You can' t put a horse or a pony in a stocking! Here are some little stocking filling suggestions that every horse enthusiast will find useful all year round.

Engrave the name plate with the name or telephone number of the horse or holder. Messings look good on leathers, while plastics are tough for daily use on weaving frames. Little dishes look good on the bridle cap or nut. It is my favourite products for conserving in the cold.

It removes persistent soil and fertiliser spots, gives the fur of a horse or horse a beautiful lustre and removes the tang. Padded mittens are just the thing to keep your hands warm during your hibernation. The glove has a comfortable grip and is very hard-wearing. It' beautiful to hang one on a hooks near a stable, in a cleaning tool, on a D-ring on the nut and on the grazing fence.

Throw a pair in your horse lover's Christmas stocking so they always have one at hand. They are ideal for resolving disputes over the size and seriousness of dewormers and medicines and for purchasing horse mats. They are another thing that is easy to lose, so any horse enthusiast would appreciate it if he put them in his saddlebag.

Everyone loves to handle their favourite horse from time to time. The Stud Muffins come in attractive packaging and my own ponies like them. With the help of a curved crest or knife, your horse enthusiast is reminded that it' s springtime and the horse loses its thick fur. Bodybrushes and Finishers extract oil and help to keep the horse's fur shiny and sane.

It can be stored at home in a care set for daily care or in a saddle case for fast repairs on horse shows. Helps your horse enthusiast keep an overview of expenditure, service, health and race data. Recording is simple with horse-owning -only developed for horse ownership.

For over 10 years Horsetrak has been a leader in horse managment. You can help your horse enthusiast through the chilly winters with a good film. If it' a classical like My Friend Flicka (compare prices) or an instructional video like Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship, there are many possibilities.

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