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Stump Saddles

parlours Stü:ben, a global company established in 1894, has made a name for itself. Today, Stü:bben is produced in three different parts of Europe and sold in almost fifty states. Stü: stü: sben saddles are made with proud, high-quality material and a mixture of innovative and traditional. Hinges made of straps, underwiring straps, iron and bridle are the ideal complement to the extensive Stü:bben-range.

These saddles are handcrafted in a factory in Stans, Switzerland, on the famous Stü:bben Springsbaum and coloured with the best, full-grain, plant-tanned genuine calfskin.

The Stü: bombspring harness is manufactured by hand in a step-by-step procedure and determines the seating height for each type of cali. Its active action against the timber of the trees ensures "spring" or "elasticity". The Stü:ben saddles are woollen padded as woollen is absorbing and dissipating perspiration from the back of the horses.

Stü:ben provides saddles for all British equestrian events. These saddles contain keys for the designated use of the saddle: advanced for show jumps; VSS for universal use with a focus on show jumps, across countries or horse back rides in short leather; VSD for universal use with a focus on training, leisure rides, stamina or horseback rides in longer leather; and VSS for training.

Stü:ben stands for long-lasting usability and output, characteristics that provide an above-average ROI in Tack. Search the stamp for your next seat, equipment or bridles.

Stump Saddles

Therefore the nut is in a very good used state. Trees are 31 in diameter (medium, I think). Hot, hot nut! He had a stick changed, the remainder is in good shape. Stump Scandica training calf 17" 32cm tre. This is a very beautiful used stump Scandica training caliper. There is a 17" chair and a 32cm boom.

Five (medium wide) trees. Used but in good shape. But, uh, the steed has pulled out of the jump. It has both knees and thigh blocks. Fleeced woollen nut shows..... Siegfried CS Stubben show jumper. Stump Scandica Training Jumper. Beautiful older stumps Scandica horses. "6 "6'' n' wbaum.

It' a Sigfreid II, a universal horse.

The teacher told my daughters that it was not a "jumping saddle", but a beautiful one for general equestrian sports and schooling. stump Wotan english/jumper/jäger/eventing saddle,17" used. It is a top of the range for schools or shows. Contains the bordeaux colored nut..... Sixteen inches nut. Elder nut, but still has a great deal of use.

Wotan Stubben English / Jäger / Springer / Multi-purpose caliper, 17" fit, 31. 5 cm boom, in used state. It is a top of the range for schools or shows. Six foot boom. Stump VSS Roxane nut. Semitrailer width is 31cm (wide) and number is 9599853. A great horse for general horse back rides, convenient and safe. Sales are only for the nut, not for the nut.....

STOBEN Tristan Training saddle Brown 17. "5 "5" Very beautiful used Stubben Tristan training caliper. The tree is 31cm tall, a very sturdy, older nut. Made in Germany, this stump is beautifully smooth and smooth; it is in very good used state, with very small scrapes and traces of use. These saddles are in perfect working order, clean after each use and coated with stumpcovers.

Nice state and nice burglary.

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