Stuff for Horse Lovers

Accessories for horse lovers

Are you looking for the perfect horse gift? We are specialists in gifts for horse lovers and would like to help you at the best price. Each month you will receive treats, tacks, grooming products and other fun surprises for horses and owners.

Moonly presents for horse lovers & owners

Every montly you will receive delicacies, care supplies, tacks and more! We have the trust of tens of thousand horse lovers, and we always ship for free to the USA. One click to your horsebox-luck! In every kit you will find new trimmings for a lucky horse! Willing to spoil your horse with presents every time?

You will receive a new kind of delicious, original, US-made horse delicacies in your stall every single week. Horsebooks, equipping, equipment and supplies make every horse stall a pleasure for people too. It is the ideal companion animal newsletter for horse athletes! If you subscribe, you can save your lost horse! It is better than any DIIY present or every westerner's hamper you can buy for a horse enthusiast.

You will find horse accessories from big brands like Epona Products, Fiebing's Leather Care, Manna Pro, Mane'n Tail, Cowboy Magic and more every year. Receive the Horse Treats in our next box!

Presents for children who are horse-loving

And I was the mad child who thought, breathe, sleep and live a horse. I' ve gobbled up the horse's encyclopedia. You can name a horse race that begins with any character of the script (except F, but there is a zipra for that). I' ve been in constant difficulty with my scribbling horse instructors, and I've been reading virtually every horse textbook in my two primary AND secondary schools library.

Saddle Club books. I' ve been reading all these books until I've outgrown them, which was probably around 50 or so. Begin here, with the first volume. Modellhorses from Brey. There are a lot of toys out there. That' all that is really valuable and these are real collectibles.

When you know a child who is taking a lesson in German, a coloured switch is a funny horse ride equipment. Ideal for children who take classes (any style)? Horseradish! Black Stallion is a horse lover's favourite. Horsersticker! Paintwork Your Own Horse Activities Kit. It' a tome about drawing a horse.

Stable Stamp Set (matching the How to Draw Horse book). Stable for showpieces. S├ębascuit is another awesome horse film. It would have been much better to have these sweet horse murals! Horseiding class. At the age of eight, I asked for horse back rides for my birthdays (in December) and Christmas.

Horse rides have made a difference in my whole being. When you have a horse-crazed child, don't buy him a horse (because if you think the teaching is high? Waiting until you begin to calculate the real horse ownership). Get them some horse rides. Have a look at these booklets also for horse-loving children!

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