Style Horse Boots

Horse Style Boots

This is a website for selling the best boots and saddles to the professional rider. The Cobra Support Boot - Sports medical style gets a big upgrade with a breathable, supportive ThinLine interior. While our ThinLine Cobra boots look the same on the outside, it is the breathable, easy-care lining that will change your riding world! Different types of horse boots can have Velcro fasteners, buckles or hook and stud fasteners.

ThinLine' s Sports Medicine Style Horse Boot - Cobra Support Boots

The Cobra Support Boot - Sports medical style gets a big update with a breathing, supporting thin-line interface. TrimLine boots? - Warming up to your horse's waist adjusts to your horse's thigh. Below 89 degree it reverts to its initial state. - The dirt does not adhere to the thin-line liner and is therefore particularly easily cleaned.

While our ThinLine cowhide boots look the same on the outside, it is the breatheable, easy-care liner that will transform your rug! Enriched with USDA-approved anti-fungal active ingredients to enable use on several ponies. In comparison to conventional sports medicine boots, cushions are very slender, and the horse looks good and tidy.

Favourite boots from Renault drivers like Mike McEntire and Jon Ingram, this boots protect, hold and give you a much clean look in the show ring. It' easy-care and much more long-lasting than its full Neopren-compeitors. Design: The externally vented wetsuit adapts to your horse, allowing warmth and humidity to evaporate, keeping your horse cold, comfy and performance.

Yes, for references to these boots you would simply order the next shoe sizes.

Cross-country style boots

All-round reinforced synthetic protection is our bestseller. It is a high end boots used by many of the best drivers in the business, among them New Zealand eventing legend Andrew Nicholson. Not only did Andrew represent his nation six time at the Olympic Games, he also held the highest number of finishes on the Badminton Cross Countries circuit.

Manufactured from Ballistic Nylon, a hard-wearing, water-repellent material, the boots safely adjust to the legs and offer a high degree of resistance to brushes, tendons and knocks. Plastazote linings nestle against the horse's legs in seconds and prevent the penetration of debris, chippings and sands between the boots and the horse's legs.

Thick, lightweight Velcro fasteners allow simple installation so that the boots remain in place even under the harshest circumstances. There are 14 different colors to select from, among them blacks and whites.

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