Stylish Horse Riding Clothes

Elegant riding clothes for horses

What's in the Junior Collection Only a few years ago still the horse caused a furore in the riding world. Something not so well known is the young rider collections of For Herds. Juniors reflect some of the most popular designs from the adults range. There are, however, some items in the children's line that are truly original.

Chicco boys' trousers and Lady girls' trousers are just two of them. Toby Show-Shirt for Boy is a small edition of the Men's Show Argo top. The Sofia girls' top also takes up the Luna ladies' tops. For Horses Junior is the most comprehensive range.

Which distinguishes the FH Junior? For children there is not much when it comes to tasty riding clothes. The FH Junior differs here.

Ladies' upper parts for stall and daily clothing at

Equestrian horse lovers use their horses for most of their leisure activities in the cowsheds. The Kramer Equestrian offers fashionable riding apparel and riding equipment that will put the final touches to your equestrian team at affordable rates. Because of the riding demands, the trousers are usually similarly tailored and the selection is restricted to full seats, patches on the knees or riding trousers. Any horseman who wants a different look and wants to make his riding clothes more varied must do so above all with his riding top.

For a more classic look, choose a stylish stitched logos or writing on your top and combine it with high-quality bracelets and watches to create a great effect. Therefore, upper parts carried in the barn should be both stylish and functionally ideal.

To make sure that your horse's trophies look like new for a long period of times, you should follow the maintenance tips on the clothes. The majority of fabrics are very easily cleaned, so you don't have to spend your valuable free hours washed. Detergents also help to maintain perfect condition of horse riding gear, jodhpurs and other riding gear.

At summer temperature you are sweating much faster when riding, which means that breathing and quick dry fabrics are perfect, especially when riding in extremely hot conditions. Hot sweaters or roasted sweet sweaters are particularly loved for winter driving. The right riding clothes allow you to spend your free hours with your horse all year round.

Take a look at our on-line catalog and take full profit of our 30-day returns policy and free returns for our fashionable Top and all our other products. Buy equestrian apparel and supplies for horse and rider at great value on Kramer Equestrian and take full advantage of our excellent customer support and best customer care!

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