Summer Horse Riding Clothes

Riding clothes for summer

Indefinite free entry to the best brainstorming opportunities in the hemisphere. As lightweight as a pen to make the summer pleasant. Discover our offer of comfortable full seat trousers that blend, breath and cuddle. The Ice Fil®, Cooltek and Mesh-Tops in trendy colours and matchless horse print. We' ve got the Kerrits Mobility Breech you need at Bit of Britain.

Find out why top horsemen have relied on Bit of Britain since 1987 for all their horses, riding apparel, horse covers and horse accessories of all sorts. Horseback riding enthusiasts will enjoy riding in Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights with genuine anti-slip Kerrit Sticks? Silicone-coarrots along the fit and the inner legs expand, adhere and breath, while the fast-drying Ice Fil fabrics convert perspiration into COOL.

Buy here the Kerrits ladies jodhpurs - convenient jodhpurs for every horseman. These Ice Fil® Bootcut | The most flexible trousers in your horse sheath, these high-tech cool pantyhose are perfectly over saddle- or Cowboyboys, ideally with Halfchaps, and the lightweight material fits easily in the sock under high heels.

We' re keeping you cold as you come and go with open netting that' s placed where it makes a big impact - on your back and under your arm. Coolly, noble and a little bit exotically, this top is a completely different beast for the show ring. The combination of delicate meshwork and texturised "animal" tissue has given a little more room for airing.

Store Kerrits line of riding vests & jackets today! Genuine stretching comforts, sheer Kerrit s featured in a variety of technical soft materials. Buy KERRITS knee pantyhose and riding pants today! The Ice Fil® Flex Fuel Cell | Kerrits | Airy, lightweight and never sticky, this fuel cell is better than carrying nothing.

Such as the material and meshwool, the shape and contours disguise and shallower. After all, a fuel cell with which you can keep your secret - in a material that is easier than anything else on the open air markets. Kerrits Ultralite Hat | Kerrits Light hat for the summer shed - meshed sides, ventilation and light material are stretchable.

The Ice Fil® Sleeves | For perhaps the most easy passage you have ever made in the semitrailer, turn any tan or short sleeve into a long-sleeved sunscreen. Kerrits Equestrian Apparel Ice Fil® Flex short sleeve (print): Ice Fil® fabrics provide a chilling effect, lowering your temperature by up to five° Celsius while the funny pressures work just as harsh.

Samples are flattering, disguise and conceal horse muck. Light and comfortable enough to wear for other types of sport.

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