Summer Turnout Rugs

Sommer turnout carpets

The Ekkia Riding World Fly Rug, Mesh Sheet, Horse Turnout Rug, Full Neck, Summer. Buzzer Turnout carpets offer the waterproof factor without any heat. Turnout carpet Horseware Rambo Summer Series. Cozy and dry your pony or horse in a straightforward, hard-wearing soft carpet. An ideal everyday item for spring and autumn clothing as well as cool summer days.

Cambo Summer Series Turnout Switches

Featuring the best soft shell fabrics for the Rambo® line, the Summer Series crossover features a watertight and air-permeable top. Padded maned leather and detachable inner padding. From summer to fall, this turnout provides your mare with a watertight and breathing soft shell top to keep the mare from getting damp during the summer show.

Enhanced push-balanced valve body style. The sides made of woven fabric ensure that your horses are breathable and breathable, so that they do not overheat on hot hours. Elastic cross straps provide an enhanced yoke with V-front buckle system to reduce compression in the shoulders and breasts. Plain mahne, tails and shoulders, neat string.

Fitting your carpet is essential to keep your dog comfortable and to avoid friction and slipping of the carpet. Since the same size is available in different forms and dimensions at the withers, it makes sense to take certain measures of your animal. Take your measurement with a smooth scale from (A) in the middle of the breast, over the point of the shoulders and to the point (B) in the middle of the cock.

Remember that every mare is different and that this chart is only a guideline. Breathability - Allows perspiration to evaporate and keeps your horses dehydrated and comfy. Breathability up to 3000mm for all switches. Washing and cleaning is simple. Vert-front-closure - Eliminates strain on the shoulders and provides more convenience when feeding.

Water resistant - Keeps your horses outdoors. Water resistant to 3000mm. Tail Cord - Consists of 3 belts that loosen at one end while remaining fastened at the other end in an emergencies.

hinegold Torrent Lightweight summer turnout carpet Navy 7'0"

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