Sumo Horse Feed

Sumo horse feed

Summo combines the most advanced and aggressive sources of fat and dairy products to ensure immediate acceptance and improved flowering and consumption. Original Sumo | Barbet bird Plant oil, wheat feed, palm kernel, cereal fibres, vitamins, minerals, approved antioxidants. High in calories, perfect for low hunger horse and practically free of starches and sugar, it is safe to feed to laminated and pony stock. If very high quantities of edible oil are needed, these can be up to three fold as high.

The Sumo Original is delivered in 10 kg sacks, which hold a 500 kg horse for 40 years.

Music Builder (MB) | Rowing Barbary

The use of high-quality source proteins, which supply vital essential acids as well as lysine and methionine for an optimum weight of proteins, supports the development and regeneration of muscular tissues. It''s ideal for fattening animals with restricted hunger. Music Builder is delivered in 20 kg sacks, which hold a 500 kg horse for 40 years.

sumo quinoa

Offers the most progressive source of fats and dairy produce for enhanced flowering and conditioning. One of a kind mixture of dried fats and dairy ingredients for shine and topping. Improves the flowering period in all phases of flowering. Helps to immediately gain adoption and improve fuel economy. Monitor the gain in slimming at fixed times and adapt the feed schedule as needed until the desired slimming point is attained.

Feeding Sunglo SumoTM: Feed at a 1/8% to 1/2% daily b.w. feed for your required state.

Bloom Condition Sunglo Feeds - Pig dietary supplements - Sumo fat supplement for pigs

Sumo is an additional grease for use in the feeding of show-gigs. Summo blends the most progressive and aggressively derived fats and dairy ingredients to provide instant acceptability, enhanced flowering, fast gloss changes and the required coverage. Supplies 70% raw grease, 6% raw proteins and 13% lactic acid.

Feeding show hogs 1/8 - 1/2% b.w. every day for the required fitness.

Pferdefutter | Horse Feed Supplements

We are an independant enterprise and are also able to produce special horse care solutions to meet specific needs and demands. Our services cover everything from the production of tailor-made individual product according to precise specification to the development of new formulations. The entire production takes place in a certified factory of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS), which means that we comply with a stringent feed safe standard in accordance with EU and UK feed production regulations.

The company is also an accredited manufacturer according to veterinary regulations and British feed hygiene regulations. Specimens shall be kept for six month after production. Ensuring full retraceability of all our ingredients and final goods, we produce in a contamination-free area.

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