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This is a place for Sun Frost bred horse owners/breeders to talk to. This is Megan Thorpe Tannehill on California Central Coast Horses and Mules For Sale . We' re lucky that Bryce and Camelia Jenkins are starting our colts. It is Sandy's mother (Vicki) who has Go Man Go, Sun Frost and Jet Deck breeding. Expanded pedigree for Sun Frost.

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⪠Julie Hoppel a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos à vendre : destiny jj frost 2016 filly by personal computer frosty jay jay jay x paula's best bet (TB). "DD's" Sire is a reliable manufacturer of top of the line open version, top of the line rodeos and...placers! He is a moneymaker on the line and has created moneymakers.

DD's full siblings JJ Daveta Frost (owned by Heather Watson Gawne) also finishes in the 1st Open and Rodeosieger/Platzierserie! Video and other images on demand, veterinary visit welcome, in Rogers, Ohio.

St-Frost Docs Oak Roping Barrel Racing Quarter Horses Sale Texas

We' re lucky that Bryce and Camelia Jenkins are competing with our colt. They' re all bankrupt and ridden as years. 60 more jears as a 2-year-old. You will have a sound base, with a good grip, stop, become smooth on the face, pass sideways and work from the legs.

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Frost Em Peppy, one of the best young colts Cowan Bros. has ever left. Supported by a groundbreaking line of mares that doubled its lineage to Prissy Cline, mother P.P. Peppy Kate also brought the offspring P.P. Cline Frost and P.P. Mr Sun Peppy and two Cowan Bros.

A blonde and strong with the intellect, athletics and quickness found among professionals, his offspring are outstanding competitors who shape their sire's picture. Strong, gifted and deeply rooted in tried and tested potential. The Frost Em Peppy is designed to influence our programme and the competitive equine industries! Breeded and held by Cowan Bros., SD.

The Citisun Cline is an excellent, first rate sportsman and a very impressing Sun Frost sire. He is a wonderful, gold Palomino, a standing, sharply profiled, large-dimensional animal with extraordinary, extensive movements. Supported by an exclusive line of mares from Cowan Bros. his strong cowhorses, Arenas, Pedigrees are piled up with Doc's Jack Frost, Peppy San Badger, Jewel's Leo Bars and Peppy San; Roger Arenas stallions Driftwood Ike and Sak Em San; and AAA runner Lightning Bar, Chantella and Super Charge!

Citisun' s foal marks him as the father of the unknown for talent that is designed to push the limits of achievement to a new, high level! Breeded and held by Cowan Bros., SD. Special Drift is a twin breeder of the great South Dakota Ropeshorse Stud Wilywood, an exemplary performer with his height, build, balance and strength.

Strong father of goodness and colour, his colts show the great mind, health and skill that characterise the Driftwood line. Driftwood four-time with crossbreeds to Joe Hancock and Roan Bar, Special Drift is a corner stone stud who has made a name for himself as a father of top horses and excellent brood mares!

She is a true top performer cow horse whose Doc's Oak, Sun Frost and Driftwood blood lines have been shown at the highest levels in the Professional Rodeos, NRCHA and NCHA competitions. A stately, upright, well-built horse whose appearance, strong, well-rounded build and tonal texture will please even the most demanding riders.

Cowan Bros. T4 Quarter Horseride, Katwood's extraordinary nature, bullishness, and scheduling are hallmarks of her famous Docs Oaks sugarar x sun frost mating. He has produced an amazing harvest of unusual, accurate, cow-wise, sporty views that distinguish him as a first-class stud and outstanding sire!

Possessed by Cowan Bros., SD. Big and powerful, Vaquero is like a kitty with the healthy texture, wither, nature and size a competitive colt needs. His Wilywood x Diamond Charge horse line is a mixture of reliable power and pace horses and is one of our leading brood mares, the Wilywood x Diamond Charge Family.

All of our young fillies are gifted, handsome and have a secure career as ranching and riding horses! The Blues Orphan Drift is a great quarter horse. A" relaxed" gentlemen with a nice mind, he is a very impressive horse with an enormously strong shoulders and hips. They were well-made "good lookers" with good legs, good bones and a very trained mind....among our most beloved, launched looks every year.

Our girls are among the best brood mares in every programme. Doppelzüchtiger Blue Valentine and Double-Joe Reed II with crossbreeds to Orphan Drift and Sugar Bars, this stud will influence our breeding mareline! The Roan Bar Valentine fillies with their size, their personality and their sportiness are always impressing high points for our sale!

An unbelievable stud Ali Frost is supported by the strong performances of a Stanley Johnson bloodline. Doc's Jack Frost, four-time Driftwood sire of PRCA World Champion Junior Garrison's famous South Dakota show jumping programme, surpasses sales of'06 Willow Creek. Smart and gifted with sonic texture and great motion, Ali Frost presents the picture of a great, strong Stanley Johnston Rodeosportlers.

The first Ali Frost foal (the first in 2008) are excellent and always possess the qualities, attractiveness and inherent talents that are deeply rooted in their sire's blood vessels. Breeder Anderson's Willow Creek Quarter Horses, NE. Cowan Bros., Jay George. He is one of the top Ranch Horses eventing champions and a multi-faceted rival who wins open points at OQHA in the areas of calves abseiling, head and healing.

AQHA Ranch Versatility'04 High Point Champion, Denver National Western'03 and'04 Ranch Verstality Championship and admission to the National Western Hall of Fame are some of the top careers. An established father of AQHA points and NRHA earner, presented in 2008!

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