Sundowner 2 Horse Trailer for Sale

Sundowner 2 horse trailer for sale

Sundowner Horse Trailers for Sale (12 found). When you have a trailer for sale, list it for free. Outstanding condition 2004 Sundowner 2 / horse trailer with renovated LQ. This is a diagonal loading bumper pull that is available in 2 or 3 horse models. Secondhand '99 Sundowner 2 Horse Overnighter (#16046A).

Sundowner trailer for sale

Be it on a hiking tour or in the show arenas, sundowner trailer are towed in all direction. This is because there is a sundowner trailer that has been developed for the needs of any familiy, beginner or rider. Whether it' s pushrods, luxurious interiors or coach trailer, each Sundowner is equipped with unrivalled functions and optional extras to satisfy your individual needs.

So, no matter which way you go, have Sundowner take you there. Sundowner has been an industrial market leading manufacturer of horse trailer for over 40 years. For Sundowner and their valuable freight, security has always been our top priorities. Offering an infinite selection of all aluminium designs to meet the needs of every operator, we aim to make tags at reasonable cost without compromising the Sundowner level of customer expectation.

Sun-Downer prides itself on continuous improvement and design to keep one step ahead of the market both in terms of usability and the functionality that makes towing more comfortable for Sun-Downer owner and their horse. Sundowner has a horse trailer to suit everyone, from a small two-horse pushrod to the biggest luxurious homes.

Sundowner is the market leading company and is dedicated to the continuous refinement and enhancement of its comprehensive trailer line. Sundowner actually sets the standard with further innovations, extraordinary craftsmanship, love of detail and security. Sundowner is a leading producer of horse and animal trailer products offering uncompromised value, easy servicing, bespoke design and an expansive distributor base with world-class levels of support.

And of course Sundowner's unmatched "Single Source" three-year clutch-to-bumper/eight-year structure guarantee says it all - no other trailer is comparable. Sundowner's provides a large range of low-pro, residential, freight and toys tractor trailer options to meet the needs of its customers.

Sundeowner Trailers For Sale Texas & Oklahoma, served Salado, Rose City, Hockley, Pasadena, TX, & Norman, OK

Height7' Length 24' Width8' Length 24' Width8' 6" Height7' Length 24' Width8' Height9' Length 7' 6" Height 2300lbs Length 7' 6" Length 2300lbs. Width4' Length 7' 6" Height 2300lbs. Width4' Length 12' Width6' 9" Length 12' Width83" Length 20' Width8' Tyre size15" Length 34' Width8' Height7' 6" Length 15' Width 5500lbs. Width6'9" Tyre size16" Length 16' Width6'9" Interior height6' Tyre size15" Tyre size16" Width6'-9" Height7' Length 37'3" Width8' Interior height7'6" Length 16' Width6'9" Interior height7' Tyre size16" Length 12' Minimum length 2800lbs.

Width6'9" Interior height7' Tyre size15" Length 28' Width6'9" Interior height7' Tyre size16" Length 32' Width8' Height7'6" Length 29'6" Width7' Length 19' Width6'6" Height6'6" Height6'6".

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