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Purina pig feed allows you to achieve the highest possible yield. Search our pig feed options to find the feed that best suits your needs. Feeds Get the food your pigs need for a healthy life at every stage. The Nutrena pig feed is your answer to ensure that the pigs you raise have a healthy diet and simple feeding right from the start. Starter-grower country feeds pig feed.

Customized feed and productivity solutions for pigs

In order to make sure you have the right slurry solution to get the best feed for piglets, to maximise the feed uptake and profit of young pigs, and the most cost-effective finishes to meet your commercial objectives, we provide a broad portfolio of options, including: Harvesting as well as storing and handling can have a significant effect on the nutritive value and indigestibility of feed components, yet you need accurate nutrition for your livestock to maximise yield and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for starter food, premixes or concentrate, we can help you obtain ingredients and analyse nutrients better than anyone else. We offer a solution that meets the specific dietary needs of your pig. It uses large amounts of information analyses and powerful analytical resources to extract information from the world's biggest nutrition sample base, top research by our innovative team, and in-house expertise in animal feed and feed formulation.

With the help of our experienced nutritional scientists, information about the ingredients' accessibility, nutritional value and costs - as well as client information - are modeled into various nutrition alerts with a" what-if" function that helps us to lead you to the best possible meal plans. This results in more accurate, nutrient-driven feed formulas, which in turn increase predictive power and provide more predictable and sustainable yields.

A further of our innovations in the development of nutrients is the Net Energy (NE) analytical system known from many years of experience. Driving dietary formulation to increase profit, consistency of nutritional supply and reduction of commodity costs. Our non-ferrous feeders are specifically designed for sows, young pigs and finishers, as the metabolic processes are different in each stage.

In addition, we provide a number of innovative ways to increase your bottom line by addressing areas such as the dynamics of the digestion of amino acid, the specific fractional carbohydrate metabolism to help intestinal wellbeing and the measuring of the digestive phosphorous of pigs. In order to further increase feed efficiency and your cost-effectiveness, we provide you with the following best-in-class feed additives:

Cinergy?, our portfolio of tailor-made pig feed products, among them Cinergy FIT, a uniquely balanced mixture of stabilised ethereal oil specially chosen for its soothing properties in pig feed. In addition, we provide Notox?, a set of tools (both feed programs and a uniquely designed on-line venture capital program, Notoxa, Notoxia, etc.) that uses information from the world's biggest sample databank to help animals perform under mycotoxins challenges.

By evaluating your company's comparative strength and weakness against the competition, while considering possible priorities (high effectiveness and value) and advances against targets, it can increase your company's return on investment and long-term return on investment. Enteligen?, a portable application combined with professional advice on the farms, aims to increase the overall efficiency and fruitfulness of the animals.

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