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Harness for sale

The Comfy Fit Harness is the finest plastic harness you can buy. Every harness is custom made for your horse to ensure a perfect fit from mini to design. Smucker Harness Company offers the finest handmade tableware you can buy for money. Synthetic Biothane miniature harness USA.

Comfort Fit harness

The Comfy Fit Harness is the best plastic harness you can buy. This harness is better than its rivals in terms of workmanship and workmanship at a lower price than its rivals. Additionally, each new Comfy Fit Harness comes with a new fleece-lined harness pouch in the colour of your choosing.

Many harness choices are available at no extra cost, making the Comfy Fit Harness the first of the best riders in the world. No matter whether you need a harness for workout, leisure or competitions, you can adapt Comfy Fit Harness to your special needs. Comfy Fit Harness is manufactured in Milton, Iowa by the Leroy Mullett and Countryside Manufacturing families.

For twenty-five years they have been making harnesses. Every harness is specially designed for your horse to ensure a great fitting from mini to design. Refer to page 3 for the horse size table. Every Comfy Fits harness is made of a particularly tough plastic with a smooth felt cushion coating stitched with a thick jersey yarn and a lockstitch to avoid confusion.

The Comfy Fit is not restricted to the harness. Comfy Fit Harness can meet your specific needs if you have a specific wish. Comfortable fit harness functions:

Also, we are accepting crockery for sale on commission.

Also, we are accepting crockery for sale on commission. Yonie's Synthetic HarnessStainless Stainl... Chest-collar and hames style. Single, Pair, Tandem & Team. A deluxe padded, single synthetic harness - this harness has a traditionally padded chest collar, a padded neck strap with floppy terrets, a fancy headband, a padded nose strap, a gullet strap, a selection of float-through (on the photo) or quick-release tugboats.

The Cob, Horse & Warmblood styles are also available in Hame styles with stainless steel hames - same cost as chest collars. The paired harness is either short tug type (ST), which can be converted to singles, or long tug type (LT). Separate for paired ST Trapez - Single Lines and Hold Backs.

We are working on this page, more harnesses and other items will be added soon.

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