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Artificial saddle

Westernsadtel Wintec Synthetic Western Saddle Full Quarter Horse Bars with free bridle. Schneider's synthetic western saddles offer a lightweight, weatherproof design that is easy to clean. Basket Tack Tahoe Tack Basket Weave Synthetic Western Saddle Leather Trims. These are our thoughts on the different synthetic saddle materials, how they feel for horse and rider and what the advantages of the individual materials are. AERIGO Vega Monoflap Dressage Saddle - Test Ride Closeout!

Westernsaddle - Schneider's

The synthetic saddle offers the same good properties as leathers, but is much simpler to use and to work with. This light saddle is weather and wearproof. Are you looking for a saddle that needs less service to stay in good condition? Take a look at these synthetic westernsaddles from Schneiders.

We have a variety of plastic saddle options for you to choose from so you can find something to suit your needs. Although they are as pretty as handmade calfskin calipers, these plastic calipers need much less care. This light weight saddle is much lighter to use than a heavier saddle.

Don't neglect the cost; you will enjoy that these calipers are available at lower cost than most conventional calipers, so you can safe your horses valuable time. If you take a close look at synthetic calipers you will soon see why some people in the west have decided to change leathers.

You' ll enjoy that these light westernsaddles usually weighs about half as much as a genuine saddle. It' a lot simpler for you and your horses, because you carry less load with you every day when you are outdoors. This makes it easy for younger people to take up saddle maintenance because they are actually able to raise the saddle and work with it when it is light.

Trouble-free maintenance is another important advantage when working with plastic calipers. You' ll have to work with cloths in the saddle for endless endless hrs, and any kind of soil or spot is a real sore spot to heal. On the other side, a plastic saddle can be clean with a moist towel in a split of the while.

Their weather-resistant construction makes them unbelievably long-lasting and not susceptible to damp. The costs are another advantage when it comes to synthetic westernsaddles, as stated above. Decide on one of these high grade Schneider calipers to get a long-lasting, light and easy-care saddle that you will use for years to come.

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