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They expect your horse to perform best in every race, and your equipment should do the same. fin-tack QH saddle pro with head pole loops, plastic. The stallion Show-Tack can be made in either black or brown leather and can be trimmed in different colours. Finn-tack lycra top short sleeve. FIn Tack Synthetic QH Extreme Racing Harness Saddle.

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These stallions Show-Tack can be made in either dark grey or dark grey color. They can be cut in different colours. The harness comes with saddle pulley with side bridles and back straps and cruppers, open cheeks with necklace, headband and show rope. Clients also purchased......'+ product.title and ''' +.formatMoney(product.price,'${{}} and '.) and ' Other items you might like......

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LONG ENUFF" This is the most convenient and durable harness on the table! Contour to the horse's form for an extremely snug fitting. It' Un harnais très confortable car il n'y a pas d'arbre, il s'adapte à la forme des chevaux. NEVER to crack leather or state like all our harnesses' are.

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