Tack for Sale

Stack for sale

Sale 2018 Tack Please take along your money and measurements. SALES POTENTIES OUT OF STOCK! To be placed on a waiting liste, you can fill out this from. DON'T vote "Choose your room" or make a selection from the drop-down menu, simply enter your name, telephone and e-mail information, click the button and we will get back to you.

Have you picked a room? We' re SALED out. Deactivate this option and enter only your name and your inscription. We' re out of stock and you' re put on a waiting list.

Mary's Annual 2018 Sale of tents

Return: Our annual tent sale is everyone's favourite season! These are some memories about TENT SALE REETURNS. Please note that Red Tag articles are FALE and cannot be returned after Sunday, April 3, 2018. Be sure to try on your Red Tag products before the end of the sale. Can you tell me what happens if my non-final sale articles don't match or don't have the right colour?

You can still make a difference until April 4, 2018, 30 full trading days after our largest sale of the year, if it is not flawless. We' ll trade your order for the same IN-STOCK article (for a different colour or size) at the tent sales price! We will be pleased to use the amount you payed for the tent sale on your new article if you wish to alter the colour or colour of your article after 04.04.2018, and this within 90 working hours.

You can buy the new article at the full retail price. Return shipments within 90 working nights (04 June 2018) will be returned to your initial mode of pay. The last date for tent sales is 4 April 2018 No Return or Exchange on Red or Yellowtag final sale items. 2.

After 4/4/18, non-final sale item exchange transactions are sales pricelist credits only, and the article will be replaced at full sales value. NEW, non-used articles with genuine packing can be sent back within 90 acres. DO NOT return or exchange food, litter or food additives.

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