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Bits, bridles, saddles, pads, cinches, protective clothing - all drivers want to know how their tack and equipment can improve or hinder their performance. Mary's is the place to buy for western saddlebags like Big D Western saddlebags, headstall bags, pad bags & more at cheap prices.

Tock & Apparel - Expert knowledge for English horsemen

Embarrassed about which nut, dentures or rug you need? You can get the shovel here, in our travel guides on horseback and attire. In order to look good in competition, you should count on the advices of those who are familiar with riding clothes that are as complimentary as they are practical. Recent studies have found a connection between bad fitting and backache, paralysis, sliding, asymmetry and curvature of the saddler.

The majority of tack shops sell an amazing range of kits. If you know the differences between bridles and kerbstones, you can choose which kind of teeth is right for your horses. Missy Clark, top riding instructor, will explain the differences between cushioned and smooth seatbacks.

Stack & Gear

A great site for riding clothes and tack. Made in the U.S.A. "We Rescue We What We Sell Up". 5 Leagueswester of Lewisburg, PA. Clothes, bridle, horse things for the home - with headquarters in Great Britain. It is America's most reliable seller and cataloguer of reasonably priced English and western accessories for the English and European market, saddle, chaps, rein s, rein, boot, breeches, breast, grooming, fly protection, rug, boots and more.

High quality tack at wholesale prices German, French, Western, Bridles, Seats..... British calipers, bridles and equestrian equipment..... Horsetack For You: Horsetack for you features Westerns, Show, Barrel, Youth & Pony Saddles-Cheyenne, Santa Fe and Sands; Chest Collar, Bridles & Headstalls with Silver, Bridles & Plain; Wintec & Windsor Synthetic Westernsaddles, Halters, Many Bits, Spurs, & More Horsetack & Supplies. And more.

This is a real occidental adventure in the breathtaking..... Ride the easy joys and the.....

WESTMASTERN Tack Gear Pockets

West tack, especially west show tack, is a significant capital expenditure. Mary's has a wide range of westerns saddlebags, westerns headbags, saddlebags and more. There are saddlebags from Big De in many colours, which also fit to the west riding clothes pockets here at Mary's.

Select your stable colour or your favourite saddlebag colour for simple identification in the tack room. West-style tacks and pockets make the transport of your show tacks much more safe. Protect your nut and show headpiece from dirt, scratches and wet. You' ll be safe to travel with your equipment in your vehicle or on your trailers when everything is safe and order.

Rummage through our range of westerns tack sacks and sleeves and choose the equipment you need for the show period with great prizes and quick delivery at Mary's.

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