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Mysteries to Mobile Tack Shop Sales Success

Shirley Gencarelli from The Fabulous Horse, an e-commerce and portable unit-tack shop that specialises in providing stylish but practical riding clothing with a focus on fashion, fit and wellbeing. What do you do to arrange your next seasonal calendars and where do you want your portable units to go?

As my second year, I think I'm going for a scientific one this year! Most of my fantastic clients are riders in show jumping and riding out. I' m going to travel to a Virginia show for the BLM's this year so that will be the farthest southern I've ever sold.

When you are just a novice (or veteran) in the vendor industry, you need to see how high the vendor charges are and how much you're about to earn...get to know your markets. How would you like to help a new company that wants to dive a tithe into the wireless services industry?

Yes, you want to resell things you like, but keep in mind that you're not the only one who buys the item (and has to buy a bigger cupboard) - think about what people like. Is there a special sales technology that works best for your portable store that might not work, e.g. in a tile or on-line (or on the phone)?

Or in other words, how is the portable distribution experience and what does it do? Honestly, I really don't like not having a stone in my grout. Today, most people shop on-line, myself included. Clients can see and touch your products, which I think is very important. And I have clients that I haven't seen since last autumn, that I've seen recently, and it was so great to see them.

You' re also building a customer base, another important thing. So how did you get into this deal? Some years ago I purchased a steed, her name is sateen. I found some fantastic and stylish buddies in the cabin where I go on aboard. Thinking about the concept, I quickly completed the concept (how could I drive if I were connected to the store?) and so on-line and portable sales were created and what a great concept it was!

How about the name The Fabulous Horse? No. My beautiful filly Satin, because she is my wonderful steed! It is a fundraising for a non-profit organization and is the Silent Auction Chair for Duke Jump for the Children, an AA-rated equestrian show that benefits Duke Children's hospital.

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