Tack Shops for Horses

Rack Shops for Horses

Buy worm preparations, embrocations, joint supplements and other horse care products. German Tack Shop - German Tack Horse Tack - Tailors Schneiders UK's Tack Store stocks a vast range of top of the range apparel, padding, bits, exercise tools, bridle, reins, trails accessories, British Spur and Strap, harness and more. Our equestrian facilities are of the highest standard for competitions in show jumping, hunting, jumping, dressage, cross-country, trails and long distance.

Schneiders equestrian accessories and accessories for the British events are well-thought-out, long-lasting and also inexpensive. First class British training kit comprises harnesses, bridle, rein, saddle, straps, leather, bellboots, bridle pieces, riding hats, riding shoes, harness, spurs, training underwear, and all other equestrian articles and kit that you and your horses need to be at their best.

You will also find accessory for our training gear, such as high-quality saddlebags, harness and holster pockets, boots pockets and mezzotint straps. No matter whether you participate in a show or on the trail, your seat is an important part of your gear. Offering powerful British style saddles from the most prestigious brands, such as Joseph Sherling, Premier, Pinnacle, Stubben, Camelot, Bates and Ovation.

Select from training, near-focus, cuttingback and general-purpose styles. Complete and complete your British training or hunting caliper with suitable leather, girders and iron. There is also a large choice of special developed seat cushions in british design. Spike and Strap in British stile are developed to lead your horses efficiently in all British equestrian lifestyles.

It also meets the demands of certain equestrian sports. Enhance the communications between you and your stallion with our wide range of British bitforms. You will find O-rings, D-ring bit, full jaw bit, Kimberwick bit, kerb bit, Weymouth/Dressage/Pelham bit, Myler english bit and other style. From bridle and martingale to rein and lungeing gear, our range of British language teaching gear is extensive.

No matter whether you are going on a short, relaxed hike or an extensive adventurous trip, make sure you are equipped with our British equestrian accessories. Our range of products includes safety and comfort harnesses, feed gear, seat covers, track shoes, padding, bellies and many other important items to keep you and your horses fit and secure.

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