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Jumpers, bridles, reins, supplements, leg protection and more! Mary's Tack is your source for barn, stable & tack supplies including crossovers, trailer supplies and more.

Saddle room & Stable accessories- Stable accessories

Most of your ponies stay in the stables or on the farm, and if you are like most pony owner, you probably do too. Make your hut or stables convenient for man and animal when you buy the large range of tack room accessories from Mary's Tack and Feed.

There are all the things you need to keep your shed tidy and tidy, as well as a few things that could make your day-to-day work a little more convenient. Stable chain and grids are ideal for all cases where you want to keep your horse's stable doors open but still want to keep the stable safe.

T-binders help you keep your horses safe when cleaning or stitching, and stable matting creates a smooth, cushioned finish inside the barn or a neat, airy place to line. There are even stone pens and feeds that make eating a child's play. Mary's also wears tack room organizers, helmets and bridles that provide a specific place for your entire tack room.

Multi-point hook provides even more room for all these bulk objects, while suspended care sets make it simple to organise your brush, comb and spray during care.

Agricultural supply - tack

From a headpiece for working on the farm to a special holster for your next outing, Farm Supply has it all under control. Find out about our sales partner and visit one of our 5 sites to see our first-class range of tacks. Conceived for the care and straightening of horses to give them a complete look.

In addition, we stock a range of physical toothbrushes, together with artificial toothbrushes, to care for your horse's brush. Brushs available in middle and large size. The Weaver Holster is a low profile harness for general use. It is available in various ornamental colours and styles. Also available are cable holders that are simple to use and provide more grip on your horses.

Developed to prevent the seat or seat belt from slipping backwards or from one side to the other. This is also seen as a security characteristic, especially off-road. Necklaces in different types of leathers available. To hold a bits, bosals, nose pieces or other gear to steer a rider's aide. Various types of leathers are available.

A nicely crafted rug used to soak up perspiration, pad the horse's back and pad the pad. Best-of-breed design captures the shocks and minimizes wear.

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