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A silver plated tie pin in a gift box. The Ricks Tack Shop Online Shop. The images are the property of Rick's Tack. Would you like an easy way to buy riding equipment online? Order now online!

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Canines yearn for a protein-rich nutrition, as planned by Mother nature. The Merrick Backcountry is an all-natural, grain-free, traditional dog food with proteins that the dog craves. The Merrick Backcountry Infused formulas offer the ideal blend of protein-rich, grain-free nibbling and genuine, whole chunks of uncooked, freeze-dried meats. Offering adventurous hounds the physiological advantages of a uncooked food they would have found in the wilderness, now in a secure and practical formula that is simple to use.

The Backcountry Grain-free stew offers a wide range of flavours from delicious mixes of proteins such as bunny, game and wild salmon, freshly chopped vegetable and savoury sauce. Two 96 per cent grain-free Laura recipies are available in veal and hen. As with all Merrick formulas, Merrick Backcountry is produced in the USA in Merrick's own organic controlled cuisines.

There are no Chinese secrets in this recipe. Introductory to the logics of nature - animal feed made from 100% wholesome 100% organic ingredients. Without synthetic vitamines or mineral and without contents materials from China. Providing your pets with freeze-dried foods is simple. Our product contains instruction on how to portion, rehydrate, ensure safe foods and clean.

Horsetack and equestrian accessories

Products range from equestrian clothing, equestrian rugs, flies and insects repellents, equine healthcare, abseiling devices, semi-trailer and more. Date of auction: Bids begin to close at the planned end time, at a price of 1 per min. of articles. General eligibility conditions: When you register for a quotation on the web, you confirm that you have reviewed and understood the general sales policy of that particular sale and that you accept to comply with all the following notices.

Auctions are sold "as is, where they are" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. However, we make no representations or warranties as to the quality or suitability of the products or services offered. Before submitting a tender, tenderers must exclusively depend on their own assessment of the state, quality, genuineness and correctness of the description. With the submission of an offer the buyers accept all conditions of the sale and declare their agreement not to withdraw their offer.

Tenderers who are unable to meet the conditions of the auctions should not submit bids. The buyer is deemed to have checked the state, quality and genuineness of all goods sold at auctions before submitting his offer. Buyers who pay in full by cheque, bank draft or bank remittance will be charged a 15% surcharge on your quoted retail amount to establish the ultimate retail value of the item bought.

Buyers who pay by debit cards will have an 18% buyer's premium added to their offer in order to establish the ultimate selling prices of the articles they buy. We do not accept payment by bank transfer for more than $5000 up. An additional 8% VAT is levied on the retail selling prices.

Plus 8% VAT for the entire purchasing amount! Collection of item bought at auctions: Note that picking up an item after the auctions is often the most stressing part of the auctions. All buyers are asked to be considerate and to recognise that the collateral of your bid funds is of the utmost importance.

The buyer is responsible for removing all objects from the premises of the auctions. Contact the installation firm of your choise to arrange the distance of heavier objects. The collection of articles contained in this sale will take place in the following hours at 2186 Sylvester Hwy, Moultrie, Georgia:

However, any products not deleted during this timeframe may be associated with extra inventory charges per product. Buyers who require extra disassembly and disassembly should take precautions by approaching us before submitting a quotation: Because of the type of articles to be purchased, the shipment precautions must be fully taken by the purchaser and the collection of the articles to be dispatched must take place at the planned loading hours.

Standard auction conditions:

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