Tb Mare for Sale

Mare Tb for sale

In our category horses & ponies you will find thoroughbred mares for sale. She' paid to sell beautiful grey/red TB filly? Whole blood mares for breeding purposes. <font color="#ffff00">

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Trudy Iron, also known as "Trudy" Trudy, is an ultimate treasure and a riding delight (suitable for a beginner), but she sustained an injury however ( violation of the surface hairline of her right hindquarters). Complete information about the injuries and face-to-face discussions with the attending vet are provided.

rudy has already received all necessary treatments and can ride slow again in the near term - she should be healthy for leisure rides (walk, trot, gallop ), but n...ot can't have a competition carrier as a hunter/jumper/event as scheduled before the trauma.

She is a very beautiful girl and we don't like to separate from her, but I am expecting and already have difficulties to keep up with my other ponies and I think Trudy merits a home that she will appreciate more as a leisure rider and/or brood mare. Never had a filly of her own, but she was a beautiful "nanny mare" to a filly she grazed with.

rudy could be a great brood mare for thoroughbred races: Carreer income in excess of $400,000, father of income earner of more than $3.3 million, includes General Charley, who has made more than $500,000 in his careers.

Purebred mare for sale | Horses & Ponys

Really calm mare. Why the sale - too many stallions to work. 15.3hhh 9 year old filly. Real cause for the sale. 8-year-old filly for sale, in poddock state, at work is a very active mare and a very physical mare. Fast selling first in first out.

Unfortunately, Daisy is for sale through no fault of his own. This is a calm, 16.3hh 2009 purebred mare. There will be a lot of emphasis on Daisy in show jumping, show jumping, dressage and versatility. And Daisy's a big mare and she's still hot so please don't be a rookie. Extremely sorry sale and good home is a must.

15.2hhh Fox mare. It' great to trap, to manipulate, to shoe and to swim. Recalcitrant sale, elderly passenger, real estate that has been resold to a smaller one. She is a four year old mare which is suitable for horse as well as pedigree work. The Sheena is a horse with chestnuts / whole blooded - 15,2 hand 17 years young. In search of a nurturing and affectionate home for this beautiful mare.

Easily handled in every respect. Regrettable, restive sale. Purebred mare Have your breeding pass and she can be registred as avha foundation. Calm mare for handling and driving. To sell because of too little food and difficult to get hey.

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