Teal Horse Halter

Deal Horse Halter

Satisfactory American horse halter with patented combination of rope and nylon with lunging ring for control. Turquoise White wine Ice Blue (premium colour). It's a pity that today's Hamilton holders lack the quality of the past. Cord holders are for training purposes only and should never be left on unattended horses. TWO-TONE VIOLET HORSE HALTER WITH RAW LEATHER NOSEBAND.

Hantilly Teal High Fashion Horse Halter

Hi-Fashion Horse Halter. Set an example with our High Fashion Horse halter line, which is imprinted with colourful patterns on 100% wicker. "5 "5" 5.5-8.5" 14-17" 4.5" 8" 6-9" 18-21" 7" 9.5" 8-11" 21-24" 7.5" 10" 9-12" 23-26" 8" 11" 9.75-12.75" 25-28" 9.5" 14" 11-14" Great grip and great rideability!

He is a medium quarternary horse (15,1 h) and is wearing the holster in Cob-shape. I' ve tried the standard halter before, but it was enormous with him. When your horse is of medium height, I would suggest going with the Cob. This holster has a very good finish, but I have chosen an medium height for my 15 hand high appaloosa and it hardly sits.

If you want to see current holster patterns in some colours ~ please click here!

If you want to see current holster patterns in some colours ~ please click here! The HORSE & DRAFT SIZES (small colored stripes on the nose strap and cheeks) are available in the same colours on the top and the right. The majority of overlays are 3/4" in width, sterling silver can be 5/8".

Shuffle and adjust the colours to your subject or shed. I would be pleased to make proposals for the colour of the halter and horse. The items can be embossed in all halter colours as well as in non-metallic solid metal with a monogramm. When you don't see any colour you want to use, please do not hesitate to do so.

We' ve got almost every colour of yarn, too many to name! If you want the monograms to appear on your monograms from any angle, please use a pale yarn for the initial.

The colours that show themselves best are either sterling silver, golden, amber, pale violet or pale violet or fluorescing greens. When you want a singleogram, you'll probably be luckier with one that's easy to use.

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