Team Roping Head Horses for Sale

Roping Head Team Horses for Sale

The gelding is a beautiful Dun Head Horse. He' s Finished Head Horse Deluxe with a lot of talent! Head, heel, chipping, and he's got some calves tied to him. You can follow us @truteamroping on Instagram.

Roping Team Horses for sale

14-year-old Red Roan gelding. Head, butt, chipping, and he's got some veal on him. Won in roping at rodeo as well. 20-year-old gelding goes to 12 ! Beautiful older, experienced hackster, if you want to gain something, then this foal by the name of Jackson is the right one for you!

He knows his work, he's in the pits and he'll give you the best of it. Co-oper is 15-handed and 1150 pounds-uper thick, which is now willing to gain a few ropings on as he is a proved victor. Carnegie is a 14-year-old AQHA gelding. Well, he is.

It has a high performance and a big engine. He is a soft and well-behaved stallion. It' great to be around and get along with other horses. AQHA 12 year old Gelding. Heeler. He' s saddled up every single run and does the same Run-Solid & Saisoned. There are no punctures - no problems - no buck beautiful as he is soft and funny to horsebackrop!

12/year-old 12-year-old male ridden by a QHA equine with scarlet heels. Perfect height and aging. ! GENTLE! Featuring sound and a cute lottery winning pony that will make your way in the ring - every day! 15-year-old male a QHA calcaneus pony. 14.3H, Gentle & good looking Eurasian dock with flattened fin and caudal fin. 14-year-old a Qha gelding. Heelhorses you can walk on.

A better tail than a headstock.

Two patrons won the Jr. Heading and Soeling at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, AQHA Show! Bad Bad Bad Bad Dirty Brown" and Bobby Lewis won the Sr Heading Circuit Championship title at the Tulsa Winter Classic. "The Bad Bad Brookly Brown is Dual Spark property and is the property of Scott Venable.

Two Catt & Joseph take the bronze home in the AQHA World Show Jr Heeling! Mr. Lewis won another AQHA World Championship at the AQHA World Show Jr Heading 2015. Dixie Nationals Jr Heading Championship wins Dual Patron & Bobby! The High Point Open Horses were also Dual Patron!

THE 2017 AQHA AR COURSE AND THE HEELING! The 2017 AQHA World Show was a great hit for DUAL PATRON and J LOWS GLO, who won the 2o17 AQHA Junior Opening and Junior Heeling World Championship titles! Bobby and Dual Patron won the 4 year old head of Horse Champion title and incentive head of the American Rope Horse Futurity in Fort Worth.

J Joseph and J Lows Glo (Fullister to Dual Patron) won the Reserve Champion title in Heeling! Congratulation to Bobby and J Lows Glo on winning the 2017 Tulsa Holiday Circuit Horse Champion title! The 2017 Jr Heeling Champion is the 2017 Jr Heating Champion and has quickly achieved his AQHA Superior in Heeling.

The OQHA Spring Show Jr Heading Championship is won by Dual Patron & Bobby! He was also Reserve Champion Jr Heeling Equestrian! He is a NCHA Hall Of Fame Inductee and was a corner stone in the AQHA industry of breed, education and exhibition of world famous horses.

He is one of the few multi-talented coaches in the horse training business today to participate in NRCHA and several NRCHA-Event. No matter if it'?s Call Roping, Team Roping (Heading & Heeling), Heading or Ranch Riding, Bobby still produces champions and always has a lot of great horses to sell.

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