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Walker Tennessee for sale

The number one for personal service! or Tennessee Walking Horses or Tennessee Walkers for sale. "Gigi " -- Gigi wears her summers colour, but in about 4 week she will switch back to a deep, velvety one. Thirteen-year-old 14.2H colourful Tennessee walking horseshade is lively and funny, and we have dragged her all over the place to go horseback riding and camping, covering the woods, seas and shores from Texas to the Montana hills and streams.

Slip-proof and a great, quiet riding in the hills, beautiful gallop along the way, she also slides behind and has side pass. In the last four years she has been the private steed of a young lady who is too employed to be riding now because she has travelled the country for a cheering contest. $3250

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"J-Lo" -- for sale, soon. 3H, her father's crystalline clear eye (no green eye as with some coloured horses), deep black colour, darling, human lover, caring Person. and we dragged their daughters and grandparents all over the country and to riding events. We' re still dragging her around and having a good time with her, and she'll be up for sale in autumn 2018.

Please click on her photograph on the links to go to her page for more information, and look from period to period for supplements to her page, complete with video. Please click on his photograph on the leftside to get to his page and further information. Please click on his image to go to his page for more information, images and video.

"Wonderful Sunshine" -- Wonderful Sauerampfer with flax head and 15H 7-year-old Tennessee Cock 7H Walking Horses Wallace with straight walk, and although we have used him on tracks and for yearling ponies, he has the knack of being able to compete in the show ring trailer divisions. He can be a great old man, perfectly sized, copper coloured and with a wonderful coat he can be a great addition to the team.

Please click on his picture to the right to go to his page and get more information. "Gunslinger " is up for sale and will be weaned by mid-April 2018. He is a good-natured barenfoot horse, friendly, soft horse with a lovely affinity. Please click on his picture to the right to go to his page and get more information.

Please click on his picture to go to his page for more information. Please click on her picture on the leftside to go to her page for more information, photos and videos. "Gunsmoke " Want a Tennessee walking horses that looks like this? Take a look at our infant page to buy your own Tennessee Walking Horses Colt/Fill from this sire and other lovely sires.

This is the first outing ( 1.9.05 ) that he has been rode in two years and Jennifer decided to go without a saddle. After a 20-minute training without misbehaviour in which she practiced to whisper her horses, she couldn't make up her mind whether to challange him herself or embrace him, so she did both!

Would you like a private profile of your beloved ones (horse, dog, etc.)? Please click on this image to get more information. Please click on Hannah and Pattycake's image above to see a movie of her victory. AWARNING: Equines are narcotic drugs, click HERE for a statement. To see the ponies we've previously been selling, click here.

Click here: to see our "secret" Click on dance horse on the right or on Lynn who rides pistoolero on the right to go to our "Good times" page to see all the things we do with our horse and the excursions we do. Tennessee Walking Horse are all Tennessee Living Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association registrated unless otherwise noted.

Several are also Racking Saddle Breeders' Association and/or Spotted Saddle Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association (or National Spotted Saddle Horse Association) registrants and all have a recent adverse gear review (within one year). Please click on one of the two pictures to see how our products are for sale! So what do the Elefant and the Tennessee Walking Horse have in Common?

Would you like to see evidence that the Tennessee Walking Horse is a purely human walk? KLICK HERE TO SEE PICS OF OUR HORSE WITH THEIR NEW OWNER. Those beautiful guides will help us to educate these animals, so that your new mountain will not be scared of them! Please click on the image of DJ to enjoy some fun with the dog we use!

Please click on George's image above to see a page of our trekking tours, processions and campsites. The second equestrian tournament for this duet (other judge)! Hanna gains several blues on Joy and this times she does it alone, without my oversight! LV King Tuck, a nice, strong brown stallion she bought from us in 2006.

Please click on the image to see a movie from our last week-end about this highly competetive trailer trip and more information about our team. "Peddlin' The Gold" Click on one of the three images above to get more information! Happy birthday to Becca and caitlin for their champion victories this week-end (3.3.12) at the London Stars Gauited Sex Club Show in Airkin, TX! Click on Leo's photo to see their history.

The Tennessee Pleasant walking horse is driven around the neighborhood every day, around transport, dog, 4-wheel, 18-wheel, schoolbus, beef, emu and we take it through the National Forest, to the Gulf of Mexico, to ride in the sea, the rivers, organize trekking trips, watch a parade and even an casual show or two.

For 15 years we have been relying on sincerity, excellence and integer to keep a good name, and these stallions will be exactly what we tell you. Every truck/personality trait is revealed in advance before you hit the animal. Tennessee Walkers were coined at childbirth, teaching to guide, to walk, to stand, to be bound, to manipulate their legs, to be capped and to be loaded into a pendant.

At your request, we can organize a veterinary inspection for the animal you are interested in, and for purchasers outside the country, you can verify what your country needs to ship a piece of horses (from anywhere) to your state, as well as a listing of transportation carriers by simply click on the Hobo Horses animation at the top of the page.

In most cases only a positive EIA (negative Coggins) is needed within 12 month and a medical report within 30 workdays. To request a videotape of one of the above mentioned stallions, please indicate which stallion(s) is/are on your cheque or in a seperate memo and either click on the Paypal icon at the bottom of this website or email it to $10 (per band, not per horse):

Probably you have no clue how much you've all been helping with the amount of emails you've taken, even if you're not looking for a pony. Please click HERE for information, link and testimonials about colorectal cancers.

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