Tersk Horse for Sale

Horse Tersk for sale

At Equine.com we have the largest selection of Tersk horses for sale. Well, if anyone has a Tersk they'd like to part with, please let me know! Back to "horses for sale". Novoterskiy, Stavropol'Skiy Kray, Russia.

Horse Tersk for sale

She is a fabulous horse and is waiting to make your dream come true! And Jax is a friendly, smart, quiet horse. It was broken for the route, but then it stood on the willow for a few years. She is a stylish, friendly, smart, hard-working filly. It was broken for the stretch, but then it turned out to be a willow for a clutch.....

Has been used as a reverse horse for 14 years. Towed as a reverse horse to cutting in several states. Subsidiary of Smart Lil Scoot (SLS earns 266,000 NCHA). The son of Kit Kat Sugar (KKS NCHA earners of $240,000). From Mimi Floyd (MF NCHA breadwinner of $32,000).

is a 10-year-old broodmare for sale. That horse is suitable as a bomb-proof....

s_span class="mw-headline" id="Breed_History">"Breed_History">Histoire de la race [edit]/span>

Tersk is a horse race that was invented in Russia in the 1920'. Tersk was first invented in the twenties and nineties in the Tersk and Stavropol chairs in the North Caucasus in Russia. Marshall S. M. Budyonny (after whom the Budyonny race is named) had great influence on the race.

Tersk were mainly made up of the Strelets Arabs who were raised at Strelets in Ukraine and were practically dead in the twenties. Strelets was created by crossbreeding clean Arabs with high-quality Orlov trotters and Anglo-Arabs. This horse had an Arabic look but was bigger than the purely breeds. Strelets, among them the two sires Tsenitel and Tsilindr, were brought to the Tersk stables to number more.

Our studs were breeded with Arab -, Don-, Strelet-, Kabarda- and various crossbreed broodmares, among them Strelets x Kabardin and Araber x Don. Earlier crossings yielded a prosperous Arab horse. She was further enhanced by three Arab stallions: Tersk was also continuously upgraded by Kabardin, thoroughbred, Arab and Don Russia bloodlines.

Until 1948 the race was acknowledged official. Equestrianism is known for its stamina when several horse have been used in a 192-mile trip and each Tersk has been completed on schedule and in good form so that they are good for stamina work. Tersk's charming Arabic step makes her good for training, and her courageous character and sportiness suit her for show-jumping.

They' re also very swift and often fought Arabs. Though the Tersk looks breakable and has a very thin fur, they get along well in its rough clima. They have a quiet temper, are smart and learn well. Tersk has a sophisticated mind with large, highly distinctive eyeballs and mid-lengths.

They have slanted shoulder, a low breast, a thick back with muscle lumbar support and a flat rump. Equestrian animals are lightly trimmed and slightly bone-in, although the race standards require a 7.5 inch size. Brood mares are up to 14.3 hours, mares up to 15 hours. Equestrian animals are almost always grey or "white" with a silver shine, although there are occasionally chestnuts.

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