The Gift Horse


Gifts horse antiques and restaurant. TRUBSHAW: The Gift Horse, Madisonville, KY. Shop for yourself or just look for the perfect gift? For the perfect gift for your loved ones, visit Gift Horse, a gift shop specializing in ceramics and home decor in Germantown, Tennessee. Timeie Snyder thought he knew horses.

story line

An agitated young woman has to make a choice between a light-hearted and thrilling urban live and a hard-working and straightforward rural live to find out who she really is and what she wants out of it. Jammed up bookkeeper Michael Thompson is recruited to help a host of families rescue their stables before the benchhuts them out.

He is reluctant to agree, but as he looks for ways to rescue a family's heritage, he finds something he never foreseen. Ripped apart by the death of her mom, young Amanda is spending her days on a farm belonging to a businessman. Amanda shows that Misty is a real champ and re-establishes her own luck when his spoilt little girl refuses her new horse.

When Abigail is released from her vehicle for the horse show.

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