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Winter - the season for stormy, bitterly chilly and snow-rich weathers. It is the season of the year when all you want to do on a cool night is roll up under a ceiling by the fire, slurp a warm drink, either alcohol or not, and reading a good work. I' m fairly certain that all the other animals on the globe have the same feeling, except icebear and penguin etc., but just about every other creature in the whole wide globe wants to get away from the freezing temperatures of the Dark Ages and what could be better than using a rug. provides a variety of multi-purpose quilts and canvas to keep your horses comfy now and all year round.

The Harness Shop Online offers: Winters covers and hoods: Harness Shop Online has various winters rugs and hoodies to keep your champ hot and royal during the hard winters. Ceilings starting at $69.95. Shown is the Jacks Buckeye blanket for $89.95. Chequered design is classy for the wintry season.

Non-welding blades: A must for every equestrian user. The price starts at $51.60. The Finn Tack fleeced rug with meshed liner is shown here for $51.60. Leaflets: I' ll get these tiresome bugs off with covers. People can' t abide these ridiculous nerve crawling around on their picnic, just like animals cannot abide the crawling insects that enter their eye and land all over their bodies.

Use a towel to keep your horses safe from both the insects and the ultraviolet radiation of the day. Leaflets begin at $39.15. Sturdy plates and hoods: Like every fashionsista, your horses should be trendy and up to date. Shelves help the horses to look good and keep them feeling cold.

Available at The Harness Shop Online from $32.95. Point ceilings: Soft covers help to keep your horses warm in the cold season. We have ceilings from $79.95. Above the Tough-1 Polar 1680D Waterproof Poly switch ceiling is the Tough-1 Waterproof Poly switch ceiling for $149.95.

raincheets: Cloths help to ward off the rains from your horses. Besides, the hood's so sweet for the pony. The raindrops are like a riding apparatus for a cow. The picture shows the Avalon Hood for $48, the Harness Shop Online has so many ways to clothe your horses.

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