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When I began working for the horse a few years ago, I had to work out the story for the "Pangea Pulverizer", a bicycle that was produced by Andy in 93. So I e-mailed Andy a compliment for his bicycle (and his photography skills!), and I can' t help recalling that he said something about "If you're ever in Utah, come by".

During my first refueling stop of the morning I checked for the Pangea Speeds store number and called her before I really knew why I called...... Although Andy was up to his chops working on his Born-Free invitation bicycle for builders, he said without hesitation: "Safe man, come through, I have a place for you to crash".

I spent the afternoon ribbing through Utah's warm deserts and drove to his store in an aircraft hangar on the edge of the city. Andy is decorated.... for a 26-year-old fellow, he's got a good résum?. Racing coach academy, which works in various L.A. based hotrun crew stores and now owns and operates its own parts line and bicycle store from an aircraft hangar.

And I thought three wards would be a long to-- It doesn't matter to him what the hotest trends or the most cool look at the instant is - instead he just sticks in his store and does his own fucking thing, and for me it's as trendy as it gets. I' m sorry in anticipation for the horrible mobile shots, but I'm sure you'll all see really beautiful pictures of this thing somewhere on the track.

The last fortnight before I was leaving for Born-Free I was in full swing here at the Horse World Headquarters..... I had to fill some pages before I got the go ahead for the shore.....

Having 4 sides open for a bicycle function, I met Motoguru in the hope of a hotshot tip on a top spot I could fire, and he came through great. We' have been stopping by my friend Kelly's house to take the detail pictures, and let me just say that these are some of my favourite pictures I've taken here.....

Oh, and this is not the only café/race inspirational bicycle in this edition..... They can see some telephone pictures of him past the street sofa maternity liner blogs if you wish. The Horse Blogshop is once again full in other messages! Thinking after these are oversold, I'll alter it up and create a new if you were missing out on this great one you were relying on, now's the damn minute to grab one up hombre. as well.

Move quickly, last one they were out of stock in a single working days! Oh, and P.S. Tyler over at Lowbrow beat me to see if I'd be interested in giving one of her brand-new P-nut shells away through the Horse blog, and I said good fuck yeah. I have given myself a very comfy, very happy two week pillow to go westward alone to make sure I can really absorb anything.

As I' m away from a computer for a whole week and as I' m the only one who updates the blogs, The Horse will be hibernating until July the 4. Launching the Roadside Day Care blogs was a way to let my folks know that I was healthy and secure if they hadn't seen me for years.

Last year's Born-Free journey I had a crappy videophone that took rather poor pictures, but this year I have a much more fancy telephone and will take much more fancy pictures. It'?s timeto savor the fruit of my labour. So the #110 edition came out some case aboriginal end time period I deliberation? its a complex number look too, return superior and superior all case, I assurance!

Feels like after a long while. And I know that some of you out there have been studying the horse since the Iron Horse era, and that's driving me crazy, too. Shit, I wasn't even there when the first Iron Horse came on the boards..... Let's see what's in 110, shall we?!

In fact, he did a photoshoot in the café under less than desired circumstances, consisting of a cancelled waiter, ooglars and peering glances and barrels of giant handcuffs over amusing high heels. In the last years I was allowed to fire all "Bike-Show-Winners", which was a bang.

I had 10 bicycles to fire and get information for all within about a 30-minute timeframe, and I had to hopefully not lose any information or that none of these winners would not take off alread. Another bike show champion, but this year from Smoke Out East.

You think the pictures are too black and you can't see the motorcycle detail? buy the edition, dum! Nor can't yet get over the fact that in 2 weeks, someone have mentally snatched that fake mofo' for 25 bucks....mentally! did a tap out job that shoots that tap out bab on that tap out cycling out....

This one has turned out to be soooooo butty, you won't want to miss it. Cover Cycle from Chet Hall this month..... who is now gone, but was a big name in the Michigan customized biking community in the 80s and 90s.... this bicycle was made more than 20+ years ago, and it still reigns so harsh.

I' m so happy to be able to work and make a contribution to this magazine, and these few working hours seem to me to be doing more and more of the work. I got into my girlfriends' bikes this year and painted a little with Ron from Chop Docs, and the kid made this thing cheeky.

orge the Painter gets through with his first biking features! It was a devastating victory, and the girls in the photos even help to make the motorcycle! At the very back of the magazine you will find my report about the Revenge Run 2..... There' s so much more in this magazine that I don't even have enough that I can immerse myself in because I'm departing for Born Free in less than 24hrs!

Shit, when I travel the length and breadth of the land, I'll get it counted. Take my fucking about. Here is what else in-store is for #110. With his successor, Fab Kev goes back to his run-down Tig in the last edition, and for packing, an iron head in Colorado is killed with a woman in it.

I' m so tired just of this one pole... I don't think I've been writing this much for the blogs in the weeks. There you have it, 110 is out and better than ever.

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