The Horse Rider


Mini-unicorn, Bella Hadid exchanges heels for horses and rides between dolphins. How are horsemen named? Depending on the contexts and how specifically you want to be, but also on whether you are right. Since the beginning of the story there are many different words for humans to use. Others indicate the level of professional knowledge in academical and educational equitation (connoisseur, equal, maestro);

others designate concepts of honour/chivalry that have always been linked to horse fighters - Knight, cavalier, etc.; others indicate the nature of the work or ability, e.g. cowboys, squirrels, rejoneadors, dragoons.

Other denominations refer to the schools of thought pursued or practised in training - Baucherist, Olivierest - as well as a hierarchical of concepts that describe the level of competence within the Preußische Schule - and also implicitly. Others are very general concepts that refer to the whole group of people who are riding in one or the other contexts, such as riders, riders, riders - the latter also implies a certain amount of expert knowledge within the American "western" stylistic cultur.

What is it like to be a pro rider?

Underway with the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, 2009 champion Oliver Townend discussed 10 things you may only know if you are an events rider - from 2:30 a.m. wake-up call to 35mph on his horse...... "of the Premier League football. You' d think a horse doesn't have super-star skills, but it somehow ends up at the highest levels.

Or, you can have a young super star who looks the bee's knee in the meat - a horse flying over a fence is like a football player with all the abilities - but for whatever reasons, his stance isn't so great that it doesn't get all the way to the top.

Each horse is different. You' re gonna get over every crack, and if you got a railing, you're gonna get punished. This year I will be hopping the highest one at Burghley, 1.45m high and the largest one 2.90m. "When I' standing in front of them, I still wonder if it's really possible for a horse to leap that high.

When you begin to ride at a young age, you quickly learnt to fold and curl. When you see the Taurus, not many people drop from the Taurus and remain calm. "The dressage discipline is to show that your horse is fit and submissive. However, they will be training for five years to make sure they can do what they have to do.

30 four hours a day. You' re there because you enjoy working with the horse, you like to horseback rides and you like it. "I am very happy because I have so many rides to do - that's all I do seven times a day a week so from a physical point of mind I don't have to do much else than horseback rides.

Up to 12 ponies per days, but on a jumping practice course I ride up to 30 ponies per die.

And Burghley is more friendly and laid-back, although we all want to beat him. We' re all good with horses, but anyone who says he's not here to be a winner talks nonsense. When I won Burghley, I went directly to a friend's home and had a big one. The whole Burghley victory was awesome.

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