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Save on Western saddles. Ropesaddles. Saddle Shop Inc. business profile You can find the on-line dealer at selling a large range of equestrian gear, clothing and decoration.

Special site users can shop by categories, including brand, saddle, used saddle, staple, boot, clothing, home/toy and sale. There is a comprehensive saddle range on the website with more than 30 different makes and shapes of saddle for different horse and horse type.

The customer is given the opportunity to store the goods. Seats and all orders of more than $99 boat free in the mainland United States, and overseas delivery is available. This website provides a face-to-face chats function where clients can talk to a saddle specialist to make sure their orders are accurate.

Get the best tips for shopping in the saddle

Trekking & Pleasure: Large choice, cushioned fit, large rock, lightweight boom (mostly synthetic or new "flex" trees), in rock rising, high or low candles, not suitable for rope or ranching work. Shallow fit for all-round use; often upholstered buckskin seating; close-fitting baseboard to support the "feeling"; strengthened rigid rope harness and wood boom for easy abseiling.

Tall chantle with low back for safety, low backpack, long horns, in rock rising, often with buckskin or embossed back and jockey for extra traction. Shallow chantle, high knob and bugle; low pitched low knob; rear chinch and sleek stirrup; coarse jockey and mudguards for the handle.

Comfy fit, light, no saddle flange, minimum of skirts, many saddle cords to secure the gear. Large, weighted, smooth fit for all-day horse back rides and light maintenance; stable abseiling boom; high RCA and backrest; typical with horse-friendly board suspension. Tight -fitting saddle for the rider's feeling and the lightness of the legs and feet; low rim and knob for easier reins use; often high decoration for the show ring; low fit for light hips movements.

Thick, stable wooden boom, covered with raw skin, bullskin or fibreglass; strengthened tackle and back straps; "pocket" leather straps and buckle leather ensure perfect support and reinforce the driver's posture - upright or sitting. Detailled tools, often with works in sterling iron on the skirt, cantel, knob, bugle and stirrup; riding chairs emphasise the weight of the horse; low bags for the riders positions; "twisted" stirrup bars for simple positioning of the feet; often close contacts.

Puring/saddle saddle tree saddle joint; low knob and neckline skirts for tight fit; upholstered; suedes for the handle; fender and jockey made of suedeleather for added support. On-line and catalogue dealer, which carries several ranges of polyester saddle from renowned US producers such as Fabtron, Dakota, Bighorn, Billy Cook, TexTan, Tucker, Circle Y and more.

Provides on-line help for saddle adjustment and saddle purchase counsel. On-line retailers for agricultural products, ranching and horse needs, as well as a wide range of saddle ranges, saddle equipment, rugs and horse equipment. Manufacturer of top of the range saddle and US saddle for all events, incl. trails, ranches, shows, ropes, cleanings, cutting parts and barrels races. With " flexible trees " and tradional treesigns.

Online-dealers of new and used, high-quality "boutique" and customized saddle ranges, especially reinsaddles, from manufacturers such as Bob's, Donn Leson, Leddy and others. Large American saddle producer for all occasions and uses; pioneers in "flex tree" saddle designs and super-stable, kevlar-reinforced saddle booms. The American Saddlery Inc.

Tennessee saddle manufacturer that represents a wide range of saddle styles, featuring the recently purchased Big Horn Saddles; on-line retailer search and more. You will find more great saddle purchasing hints under "10 hints for saddle buyers" in the May 2010 edition of Horse & Rider.

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