The Horse Sale

Horse sales

CURATED collection of leather goods and timepieces designed in Sydney. Sales of proven & potential show jumpers, eventing horses, dressage horses, show horses, riding horses and their young horses including a section for performance ponies. All you need to know about horse sales commissions. It is not easy and fast to find a safe home for a horse. We sell horses on open consignments.

Horses for sale at the Barbican, Robert Bevan, 1912

He was inspired by Walter Sickert's suggestion that London should have themes in him. It is one of his many paintings of the horse. It' showing a horse sale in Barbican, Aldersgate in town. The shallow and structured colors of this work show the impact of the post impressionistic Gauguin, whom Bevan encountered in Brittany in 1893. 1911 (private collection), ).

Bevan's boy wrote that many years later, when I asked him why he had given up drawing Hansom-Cabs, for whom he was perhaps best known in those years, he did not want to be blamed for "sentimentalising" an almost disappeared aspect of London life. Bevan's boy, R.A. Bevan, took up: "He enjoyed looking more like a man who had more to do with dogs and dressage shoes than with linen and canvases.

At home he always watched Tattersalls and other places where the horse was at the center of the theater. When we were kids, we were very aware of the importance of the horse in our father's world. He often let us go with him when he made sketches for taxi courtyard and horse sales photos.

Of course, in the past he took us with the horse van, and we were sitting in the front seat upstairs so he could speak to the rider. Tattersall's and Aldridge's, the Barbican and Ward's archives always had one or two words with traders and traders - and even the whiskered, top-hatted auctioneers - all seemed pretty amazed that everyone should think they wereworthy.

The Malvern Festival of the Horse

The UK's biggest and best-visited sale. Presenting and selling: - Horseback edifices of all breeds and types. - Tenth BCPS registered Connemara ponies for sale. - Youngsters in their hands. Festival Sale is the biggest sale of the country's tried and tested and prospective sports, equestrian and showpieces.

There is an offical sale on the name of the Connemara Pony Society. The sale will take place at The Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 06NW. The catalogs will be available approx. 2 week before the sale. The Festival Sale and Connemara items are all added to ONE catalog.

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