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Der Pferdeshop - Homepage Vegetable biflavonoids obtained from lemon peels are a naturally occurring resource for active biflavonoids and vegetable anti-oxidants to prevent damaging super-oxide radicals attacks on immunocytes. Biflavonoids also play a part in the maintenance of respiratory system activities and the improvement of T-lymphocyte activities and macrophagen responses in lower respiratory tract infections, allergies, chronic infections and erotic diseases occurring in racehorses.

It also enhances the effect of vitamine to prevent the frailty of cells and capillaries and has a synergetic effect with vitamins A, as well as vitamins A, É, Î6 and ï¿? and ï¿? zink to protect and preserve them. Biflavonoids can also boost the intake of vitamine by up to 35%. Activated-8? is not a drug-based immunostimulant.

The formulation is such that an optimal immunological functioning can be sustained during natural healing process of virus infections of the airways. This virus often affects the immunity and leads to longer regeneration, longer downtimes after workout and less than optimal performances in motorsport and other sport horse. They are susceptible to inferior airways and virus airways when they are traveling or brought to new stalls where the horse can be a "carrier" of virus airways.

Activ-8?'s 7-10 days pre-travel course helps to provide physiological nutrient assistance to the body's immunity so that it is able to normalize the body's immunity and react to new moving habits. Increased starting doses are necessary to make sure that low or insufficient amounts of supporting nutrition in the food are rectified so that the immunological system can use these nutrients to normalize its activities once this is reached, a lower service regimen is resumed to sustain appropriate immunological functioning.

1kg package offers a full course for a 500kg horse, with twice the additional amount used for 7-10 working nights and then the rest of Activ-8 for the next 10-14 working years. This 3. 0kg package offers space for up to 4 ponies in a bigger stall. Before and during long journeys, relocations and other injuries where the focus is on the immunity.

Preparing young and yearlings for sales and transporting them to a new environment where they come into touch with other animals that can transmit virus and bacteria cancers. Staphylococcus ACTIV-8 helps immunity to react to new infections when given 2-3 week a day before the date of purchase or the move. Young-horse for 7-10 working day before and after the vaccine to optimise the immunity reaction to the vaccine.

Practical tip: Activ-8 supports the immunity system in combination with the therapy of frequent dermatological diseases such as oily heels, tan and the cure of large surgically and accidentally injured areas of your body. Active-8 supports the immunity system in preparing for and after vaccinations, especially in young and older Horses and Pony, and helps to combat immunosuppression due to exercise stresses and high levels of competitive use.

Reliable for drugs with an antibiotic and bronchodilator, for illness and wound. Allowed according to the regulations of racing and equestrian sports and is not a drug-based immunostimulant.

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