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The Breyer horses are our speciality at Horse'n Around. Stone chipping horses and legends with Kitty Cantrell. The Arabians and More The Horse Store is a webshop that sells new and used products. We use cookies, only to track your visit to our website, we do not store any personal data.

When new 2018 articles are published, we will enumerate them.

When new 2018 articles are published, we will enumerate them. Call us to verify the supply of obsolete products and restricted series. The 2018 articles in our catalogue will be added as they become available. I' m not gonna put them on a roll till they're in storage. When you are looking for a particular breed item, we have many articles in store, among them earlier Breyerfest breeds and special tents.

There are many "special editions", obsolete and collectable items, so please review the items on our website, or send an email to verify if they are available, as the lists are often too large to be put on-line. Saturators and equipment such as bridle, halter, blanket and more; as well as brewery dummies, pets, classics and stable mates are also kept in storage.

Unless otherwise specified, all articles are NEW in their orginal packaging.

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