The Perfect Horse Book

Perfect horse book

Perfect horse: The courageous US operation to save the priceless stallions abducted by the Nazis, Elizabeth Letts. Imagine a book that spans "two Continents and more than eight Decades," as the writer Elizabeth Letts puts it in her Recognitions, and you'll get an inkling of how memorable a tale The Perfect Horse is. Latts waves a complicated wall carpet that vividly narrates the history of how the U.S. Army managed to save invaluable lives from impending extinction at the end of World War II.

This includes the exceptional, ballet Lipizzaner, the stunningly handsome Arabs and the mighty, sturdy Russians. Nobody really knows, but all participants were committed to the horse. Perhaps it was a messenger of faith after all the terrors the whole earth had gone through. You' gonna be reading about each of them in this book and loving them all.

The Nazis were able to get the Nazis to release the valuable horse they had hidden and raise it in an eugenic way. All of them liked a horse. Even the horse is beautiful. Writing about them, the author's passion for them is so strong and impassioned, but so sincere and truthful that the readers cannot help but comprehend what it is that has led her to such a tremendous venture.

It is a chronology of a little-known history that is part of the Second World War, the most terrible we have ever experienced, sending us news from the past that restores our hopes for the past. Redemption activities impressively demonstrate the horse's affection shown by these men allies.

The most edifying book I can think of about the Second World War. To be fascinated by The Perfect Horse you don't have to be a horse enthusiast or a war fan.

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