The Rocky Mountain Horse

Rocky Mountain Horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Denver: Dear horse lovers, welcome! Dear horse lovers, welcome! Our role is as a credible and trustworthy part of the horse and horse industries and our missions are to champion the well-being and well-being of all our equines and to encourage and support efforts that drive and improve the horse world. Working with the Colorado Horse Development Authority, we started a new Colorado Horse Microchipping Program in 2018 that reunites owner and their horse when they are displaced due to disaster, larceny, or refuge.

Buy your Équine Microchip and Équine lifetime for $20 plus postage by simply checking here. View the Fox news from Fox News Channel 31 about our new microchip horse programme by click here. Make a note of your diary and take part in the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (RMHE) 2019 on the weekends from Friday, March 1 to Sunday, March 3, 2019.

From Tuesday, 29 February to Thursday, 31 February 2019, various preclinics will be conducted by sector-specialists. RMHE 2019 is a great chance to meet veterinarians who excel in a wide range of horse sports and races. Visit the exhibition area to find and experience horse show exhibits, service, training and horse shows.

Experience stunning, unique equestrian arts at the " Arts in the Park ", where the best equestrian performers in the land are presented and chosen by experienced magistrates. Works of fine arts will be available at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and on-line. Mane Event's spectacle celebrates the beautiful horse, accompanied by light and sound, and is ideal for all age groups.

Buy your Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2019 and The Mane Events performance ticket (tickets that will be available separate from Expo) by klicking here. The Heritage Rides give attendees the chance to go horseback riding with other horse lovers and take part in thrilling adventure and activity with their own horse. The first Heritage Horse Racing 2018 gave owner and horse (of all breeds) the chance to run on the trails of the Arapahoe Park Racetrack and try their luck against beef, obstacles and much more.

For more information on Heritage Ride fundraising events, click on the Heritage Ride button above or click here.

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