Therapy Boots for Horses

Horse therapy boots

This therapy products, such as ice boots and magnetic boots, use state-of-the-art compression, infrared, ion and magnet technology to help your animals recover faster. Pair of nine pocket ice boots. New HyperKewl Horse Cooling Leg Wraps. It is an excellent choice for horses that are not in the stable or are limited to setting a slight course.

Horseshoes for hoof therapy -

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Easyboot Rx from EasyCare is just right for horses who need a therapeutic shoe that provides strength and hold without being bulky or overweight. Vets, grooms and equine keepers all depend on the Easyboot Rx to help horses get well and well. Provides assistance and alleviation for horses that suffer from permanent paralysis, Laminitis, Laminitis, Laminitis, Nevibles and other lower limb/hoofs.

Every boots is equipped with an EasyCare Comfort Pad, which provides immediate release and extra help with the soles. Easyboot Rx's one-of-a-kind shaft can be folded down and opens large enough to take up the broad footbed, enabling rapid, effortless use. Once the foot has been placed in the Easyboot Rx, two Velcro fasteners are attached to ensure a safe seat.

The Velcro fasteners and the Easyboot Rx are easy to remove from the hooves. Every boots has a dual Velcro closure system that avoids unintentional opening of the boots. Easyboot Rx is not designed for driving, but can be used for easy driving.

Therapeutical boots

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