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Thermatex's online shop for horse blankets, training carpets, dog accessories and Thermatex fashion, as well as Harry Dabbs saddles and bridles. The MIRoTEC horse blankets directly from the manufacturer. A cool heat horse blanket from Macs Equine, Koonya, Tasmania, Australia.

Mac' s Equine Cool Horseriding Cool Heater

It is the new improved latest version Kühl Heat Horse Horse Rub. It is as naturally as possible and ideal for warming up your horse, because the Horse never overheats a horse! It has a 1200 denier ripstop external film, with a lined fabric of fabric and polyamide with lines of smooth, elastic synthetic isolators that separate the carpet 12 mm / 1/2 inches from the horse's post.

Featuring a distinctive rug styling, the Rug remains in one place without sliding laterally so that no further waste of carpet dressing is made. It allows the horse's own heat to be naturally regulated so that the horse can keep its own secure physical heat under check. This prevents superheat when using a cooling heat horse rug.

Cool Heat Roofing allows the horse to perspire free and dries securely under the carpet, as the horse can use its own desiccation by using its own heat to drain it. Cool Heat is the only carpet you can spray your horse with, and after you've scraped and cooled your horse, you can put the carpet directly on a damp horse.

These are because the horse can securely wipe under the rug by conducting the dampness away from its fur coupled with scattered systemic warmth that is distributed under the rug. However, this is not the case. Like a mobile bunker, the Refrigerated Horse Cage protects the horse from the cold of the storm and the rains. For the most part, the cooling breed does not cause grating, but the ponies come in various forms and dimensions, which is where the cooling breed itself can be set by simply picking and stripping any isolator that can grate.

It allows any kind of horse to be placed on the carpet. Cool Heat can also be used on a horse with a thick fur, so that it can also be used when an unprotected horse needs to be rough from time to time. It is the only carpet a horse needs in spring, autumn, winters and even in summer.

Science behind the Rug is what we call the cooling heat horse: After all, the Rug is as naturally as possible. The creator, Dave, was sick of seeing a horse in a completely jagged and motionless way on a cold day in wintry weather. When he wanted a remedy for these over-robust animals, who suffered from heat for a lifetime, which harmed their well being and good-being, he came up with the concept of developing the Rug cooling heat horse.

At up to 38.3 degrees centigrade, the horse's physical condition is higher than that of a human being and can be even higher on a warm summer evening. An own fur is an efficient tool for the adjustment of the own bodily temperatures by the so-called pilot erection of. The important feature is the heat control mechanism.

This is the horse's capacity to accelerate the body's thermal losses or to enhance the storage of warmth with the help of its own combiners. If the horse cools down in freezing conditions, the Arrector is contracted at once and then the follicle stands up. Since the warmth is dissipated from the horse's bodies, it must pass through these straight fur-foils, which drastically reduces warmth losses and keeps the horse warmer.

Simply layman's term, when the horse's coat is lifted, it captures the warmth, keeps the horse cosy, and when the horse's coat becomes flat, it drains the warmth and keeps the horse chill. A further very important feature of thermal control is the horse's capacity to control circulation from the inner heart of the horse's anatomy to just below the human face.

Horse hemorrhage migrates in a natural way from the depths of the human anatomy through the galleries and then into the enlarged veins just below the top of the horse's face, where it is efficiently chilled before it returns to the inner heart of the human being. On the contrary, when the horse is freezing. If the horse senses that its own bodily temperatures fall in chilly conditions, it can narrow these veins directly under the skins to avoid a quick thermal dissipation.

Cool Heat Rug is available in the following sizes:

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