Things Horses can Eat

Stuff horses can eat

Sometimes, however, fruit can become too much of a good thing. Pretty much everything horses will eat that they have access to, but there are certain foods that you should prevent your horse from eating. Equestrian may interrupt everyday activities - you may have seen your horse ride a trail after two solid weeks of arena work. Only thing I can offer her to eat is carrots!

Secure fruits and vegetables for horses

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Humane food for horses.

Thought I wondered what some more humans food were you can feed horses other than apples ans roses that are r wholesome! can't think of nothing. I have an fruit garden and my horses eat the orange, mandarin and other grapefruits from them... lol I don't think there's much, yogurt is good for their alimentary system, especially if they feel disgusting....

and I had a dish of cheeses and a cracker to sit on... well, she sneaked a piece of cheeses. Isn' cheesy not healthy? Well, if Yogart's all right with her, why not make a littleese?

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