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Aussie Thoroughbred, Beremboke, VIC. Whole blood owner, Whole blood trainer, Whole blood partnerships, Whole blood retirement They have a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes an equestrian sportsman from the foal stable to the stud farm, from the point of sale to the stretch. With the help of our skilled riding techniques we founded Catalyst Bloodstock, a full-service horse riding agent that offers horse riding at auctions, personal buying, pairing advice and expert opinions.

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Purchase a stake in one of ATB's best race horses! Specialized in equestrian equities and teams conceived to fit most people's budget. Our purchasers are offered 5% to 20% of our champions racehorses. "You too can buy Race Horses stock and join our thousands of other partner horses for a great and worthwhile time!

To buy your stock for horseracing: Just call our 1800 616 617 617 extension or mobile: 0417 616 666 to schedule an service or buy Racehorseshare. Are you interested in holding an interest in an international racing equestrian? For those interested in purchasing very cheap stock of our race horses, please go to our page'Racehorse Share for Sale'.

» Cheap, small percent race horse stock is always offered in our current race communities and race horses we buy. Among the recent results of the Melbourne Cup of ATB include:

Seaan Tugel

Born in Rochester, NY, he began his career at Winstar 2011 as an Assistant Trainer at Richard Budge. Tugel, an Ashford University bachelor's degree in Organizational Management, began his career in manufacturing as a bridegroom and hottie for various Finger Lakes Racetrack coaches during his collegiate visit.

He also spend precious times working for his father's vet surgery, Farmington Equine Associates. In 2004 Tugel relocated to Lexington and started working at Hill'n' Dale Farms as a foal nurse, before he was promoted to Deputy Director during his 7 years on the Hill'n' Dale Farms. In 2010 he held an equal post at Pauls Mill for a brief period before coming to WinStar.

During his time at Winstar, Sean also worked in the Stud Identification Department, the Annual and Crushing Department and the Stud Department. Currently Sean is Director of Bloodstock Services and Assistant Racing Manager. Liam, born in Toronto, Ontario, was already a young boy introducing himself to equestrian sport and went to Snowbine with his sire.

His interest in motor sports grew and he started working on the track during high schools. Bethany, a native of Michigan and brought up in Indiana, did not have much chance to see the thoroughbred industries, but always kept the race with her. Avid to be possible around ponies in any way, Bethany married 4-H in high school and hired a quarter horse, which she showed in holding contests around the state of Indiana.

As Bethany had known, she had wanted to go to the Kentucky universities since she was a high boy. Deciding to embark on a whole blood industrial carreer, Bethany plunged into the horse capital of the world: Ms. Benn was Chair of the UK Horse Racing Association, a campus association devoted to training and connecting student race sports enthusiasts.

In October 2012, Bethany joined WinStar as an apprentice. For over two years she worked for WinStar and during this period also for the Keeneland Association in its sales department. In May 2015 she took over her present position at WinStar. Linzay grew up near the Saxon farm and has been involved with thoroughbred horses all her live.

Besides her thoroughbred breeding experiences she has worked with poloponies, hunter jumping stallions and training stallions. When she was at college, she expanded her photographic abilities and worked as a freelance journalist for the New Orleans Polish Club. During his time with the Bell Group, Linzay had the chance to work for the Saratoga Special Race Publishing for two meetings.

In addition, she worked with PM advertising, where she got to know the WinStar, Woodspring Farm and Charlie LoPresti Racing brands.

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