Thoroughbred Broodmares for Sale

Whole blood mares for sale

MARE AND/OR FILLY FOR SALE. Explore thoroughbred horses sold on America's largest horse market. Whole blood gelding - beautiful and sweet. Take a look at the worldwide sales average by father, mare stallion and stud stallion. and Rachael Maddox to thoroughbreds for sale (race, breeding, interested parties).

Broodmares for sale

Editor's comment that won the Belmont Stakes. Mrs. Spentworth, who won 9 of 12 events with a win of $200,000. There is a filly at the side of this filly who was bred on 24 June 2015. She is a fullbrother of a two-time champion in Canterbury Park. That Dam was a third place finalist at the Francis Genter Stakes in Canterbury.

A beautiful young filly already enrolled with the MN Racing Commission, she is approved for all MN Breed competitions. It is a great pedigree colour (pictured with her 2014 foal). Every year this filly has had a filly since we began to breed her three-year-old daughter.

Our last nine descendants come from our thoroughbred sire Dynomania. Her foal was auctioned as a youngster to a 13 year old in Wisconsin and she coached him and as a three year old the Wisconsin State 4th Horseshow in the English Pleasure with over 40 submissions.

Some of her other stallions are also successful in running and other fast-paced sport as well. I' m asking $800 for a filly. We have since breeded many of our thoroughbred broodmares as well as some colours and quarters. The descendants were very diverse and we were selling them for many other sports besides motorsport.

Dynabelle, his first descendant, was a six-time racing champion with a win of over 60,000 dollars. Its second harvest of six stallions reached the Thoroughbred Times Top Second Crops Sires in America. Smart trick: Dynomaina's father won 18 of 24 heats. Smart Trick is the father of Phone Trick, who won his first 9 runs and achieved two successes.

The Phone Trick has produced many stake winner, among them the Favorite Trick of the Year stallion. Dynomania's Dam was conceived by Dynaformer. The Dynaformer was one of the great thoroughbred sires of all times. Harvesting 21 descendants in the running, he produced 130 stake champions and his descendants made over 105 million dollars.

One of his young foals was Riskaverse for $5 million and his young foals bought up to $2.9 million. So Dynomania is a simple guardian and almost all the broodmare I' ve raised with him are settled down. Therefore I decide to quit the breed and offer him for sale for 3.000 dollars.

Buy all broodmares with a foal at the side along with the colt for a $15,000 flat rate. There are four brood-mares with foals at the side and four other brood males, who were reared for 2014, a whole 8 brood females plus the sire. In 2001 this 16 1 Handmare is a own grandchild of Conquistador Cielo, who was the 1982 Horses of the Year.

Two times she won Canterbury Park and is an excellent breeding filly. Breeded for 2013 after Dynomania. Barbara had a stallion filly which was conceived on 6.5.2013 and was re-bred on 26.6.2013 for a 2014 filly. A very beautiful filly selling for $30,000 and the Keeneland Yearling Sale. Has had 2 colts for us and is our 2015 loaf.

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