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The Amarina is a thoroughbred mare farm specializing in the provision of expert broodmare husbandry and sale service. Amarina Farm was founded in 2006 by Sue and Craig Anderson in collaboration with Gavin Murphy and Catherine Donovan and has a highly skilled and enthusiastic crew who are committed to the highest standards of individual equine support throughout the year.

Taking pride in its outstanding preparations for the sale of healings, cures and broodmares for all important Australian markets, Amarina Farms has earned a solid reputations for the presentation of sophisticated designs that are successfully used both on the track and in breed. The Amarina Farmhouse is home to institutions designed to optimize the growing and developing of its thoroughbreds:

2018 Inglis Australian broodmare and Weanling Sale

BHIMA THOROUGHBREDS is proud to prepare our sale horse for the highest quality. To see our sale horse, please call Mike Fleming on 0448 254 365 to make an appointment for a personal show at our yard, or come and see us at the sale - we will be accommodated at Barn E Stables 15-32.

Full blood mare funds started > Australia and International Horse Racing update every day

Sydney' race and commercial leaders met at the Tattersalls Club on Tuesday to announce the launch of an exciting Australia thoroughbred race sports capital expenditure program. Alan Brown, Chairman of the Sydney Turf Club, is the Chairman of the Thoroughbred Broodmares Fund, which provides subscription holders with the chance to directly take advantage of the benefits of top class broodmares from Australia.

In contrast to traditional thoroughbred race consortia, the Thoroughbred Broodmares Fund concentrates solely on investments in the cultivation and sale of race offspring. Under the Managed Investments Scheme (MIS), shareholders can concurrently buy up to 16 "black" broodmares to produce offspring that will be marketed as annuals at Australia's top outlets.

Brown said the approach would allow smaller scale investment firms to harvest the enthusiasm and potentially high profits of exposure to the most profitable and world-renowned sectors of the Australia thoroughbred motor sport manufacturing community. "Genuine entry for Western European blood stock investment has historically been restricted to high-end and large syndicate players and incumbent players.

As a rule, smaller private investments were only given the possibility of an costly one-off invest in particular broodmares. "It will allow investments on an introductory basis into a larger base and offer the general public the possibility to benefit from this highly prosperous sector. This will be of particular interest to those who have an interest in motorsport and have not yet had the occasion to get involved in the costly thoroughbred world.

"In order to offer end customers the best possible opportunity to purchase high-performance race horses, the Company will be investing in coverage for dark broodmares with established sires. It will also give the investor a good opportunity to see the descendants of the fund's broodmares race, who will potentially win and increase the value of the broodmares and their own investment," Brown said.

It is the aim of the funds to purchase 17 broodmare in the first 12 month of operations. Those broodmares are looked after by studs who are judged by the Fund's own breeding teams to be sires with the necessary genetics to draw interest in Australia's most important annual offspring sells.

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